Advantages of water slide rafting

Advantages of water slide rafting

In the water park equipment , there are two main types of common rafting, one is the tidal rafting river, and the other is the circulation river, which is the lazy river. Sowaterslide driftflowWhat are the advantages of it? Why can it attract so many tourists to come and play?

1. It is the new darling of the major scenic spots. It is suitable for men, women and children. It is suitable for a wide range of people. Of course, it will attract tourists, and the tourist experience and reputation are excellent.

2. More than ten years of investment, development, operation, design and construction experience to ensure 100% safety.

3. Compared with the ecological drifting river, its water consumption is smaller and less restricted by natural factors.

4. The foundation is 1.5 meters wide and basically does not damage the vegetation.

5. Low investment, quick return on capital and large reception volume.

6. The business model is simple and easy to master.