Water park equipment materials-the difference between FRP slides and inflatable slides

Water park equipment materials-the difference between FRP slides and inflatable slides

Water park slides are one of the most popular water park equipment . The manufacturers produce slides in two materials, one is fiberglass slides and the other is inflatable slides. After often have customers ask to distinguish between the two slides, then we have to analyze in depth look at the advantages and disadvantages of these two materials slide, lift want to invest in water park equipment customers doubts, to avoid unnecessary waste selection .

1. From the difference of the material itself: FRP slides are mainly made of resin, gel coat and other chemical materials, which are expensive! The inflatable slide is made of low-cost PVC cloth , which is cheap!

2. The difference in appearance: FRP slides give people the impression that the grade is significantly higher than that of inflatable slides, especially the inflatable slides are ugly to be repaired after a period of use.

3. The difference in hand feeling experience: The glass steel slide is bright in color and the surface is smooth and flat. After being wet, the resistance between the meat and the slide is very small, and the sliding speed is also unimpeded. Due to the rough surface of the inflatable slide made of PCV, the contact surface resistance is large when sliding, so the touch feel is poor.

4. The difference in sliding trajectory: FRP slides can be adjusted in height according to the site and the preferences of investors, with left and right spirals, interspersed with free sliding tracks. Inflatable slides can only slide straight down. This is the biggest difference from FRP custom slides. The slide is monotonous!

5. The difference in service life: FRP slides are generally used for about 10 years, and properly maintained can be used for a longer time. Since inflatable slides cannot withstand repeated friction between the contact surface and the ground , they are easily damaged and leak air. It often takes time to repair, and it is more likely to be exposed to the sun and cause aging outdoors.

6. Installation difference: Due to the heavy weight of FRP slides, the reinforced concrete foundation needs to be installed with steel pillars, which is durable and not afraid of wind and rain. Inflatable slides temporary hit when several piers fixed traction with clues, encountered strong winds shaking badly.

The above six points basically cover the differences between the two materials. Of course, the investor has the final say on what material to choose. If they have their own advantages from a long-term investment perspective .