What should be paid attention to in the short-term preparations for the opening of the water park?

What should be paid attention to in the short-term preparations for the opening of the water park?

       Among all the amusement attractions, the project most affected by the season is the water park. The water park is known as the “golden 100 days”, that is, the best operating time for the water park is only 100 days, and the peak operating season is between June, July, august and September each year.

       Now it’s the end of may, and it’s the season when the water parks will continue to operate. Especially for the newly-built water parks, they all hope to open in early June, and at the latest, they also hope to open in early july to win a complete water park operating season. However, most water parks are faced with the tension of opening immediately after the completion of the project, and the time for trial operation is very short. In the face of such a situation, the level of opening preparations determines the number of customers in the market after the opening of the water park and the safety management level and service level of the park itself.  

       So how to use two months to complete the preparations for the opening of a new water park and successfully launch it to the market? Let guangzhou lanchao water park equipment co., recommend a method to you.

1.Preparations : 

1. Mobilize a unified mindset and make clear preparations for the inversion plan.  
       First, hold a management team mobilization meeting to establish the concept of tight time and heavy tasks and dare to fight tough battles. The first is to adjust the work schedule, and the work time is one hour ahead of schedule. , the off-duty time is uncertain, the second is to formulate a feasible preparatory plan for the opening, the entire team cancels rest days and advances the work as planned.

2. First rectify the project sales to.
       Ensure the opening of the project. The project progress must be guaranteed. The progress of the project is the same every day. Faced with the business in two months, all the project sales items related to the operation must be submitted as soon as possible. For this reason, the operation team must adopt carpet inspection, for the proposed sales items that have been completed and affect operations, timely detection of problems and rectification are the key to ensuring the opening of the business.

3. To focus on the work priorities, first complete the following 20 key tasks.

       (1) Complete the formulation of the operation preparation plan;

       (2) Complete the budget formulation for the start-up period and the operating period;

       (3) Complete the formulation of the park management model and fixed posts;

       (4) Complete the preparation of the operation management system;
       ⑸Complete Project sales items are determined and followed up;
       ⑹Complete the preparation of the start-up material purchase list;
       ⑺Complete the business product category plan;
       ⑻Complete the performance plan formulation;
       ⑼Complete the recruitment plan formulation;
       ⑽Complete the training plan formulation and new employee training;
       ⑾Complete the salary system Plan;
       ⑿Complete the employee uniform procurement plan;
       ⒀Complete the life-saving examination training plan;
       ⒁Complete the name of the water park project;
       ⒂Complete the ticket design plan;
       ⒃Complete ticketing policy formulation;
       ⒄Complete market research and marketing plan formulation;
       ⒅Complete commodity catering planning plan formulation;
       ⒆Complete park signage plan;
       ⒇Complete cleaning plan formulation;

4. Marketing.
       Combined with project scale and surrounding market competition, complete Local market research and channel visits, formulate pre-opening marketing activities plan, opening celebration plan, complete online and offline channel development, and carry out online large-scale theme activities audition, as well as offline promotion of major customer groups. The information of the park opening will be delivered to the market online and offline.

5. Stress testing is the best test for preparations.

       Be sure to conduct a free trial business stress test for internal employees or specific objects before opening. To this end, a detailed stress test plan must be formulated, with the number of people entering the park from small to large, and the opening of the project from zoning to all. Effective training and emergency drills through a variety of methods and daily summary of service problems have played a significant role in improving the safety and service after the official opening. The employees have also become calm and decent from the initial reception.

2. Operational recommendations:

       1. When does the operation intervene in the project? At the beginning of the project, the operator must be involved. Whether it is self-operated or managed, it is necessary to find a professional and experienced operator during the project planning stage to check product positioning, to raise funds for design and operation in the design stage, and to propose project operation sales items in the construction stage to reduce project investment costs and focus on doing Good market promotion and opening preparations.

       2. What we propose is that opening preparations must be made in advance, and marketing preparations should preferably be more than one year. In terms of on-site operations, engineering equipment personnel should simultaneously intervene and follow up with engineering construction and equipment installation. Operation managers of other sections should at least In place more than 6 months before opening, the front-line staff lifeguards and operators must arrive at their posts 4 months in advance for training and certification, and other employees must arrive at their posts for training at least two months in advance. 

       3. Give sufficient time for trial operation and stress testing to ensure the subsequent safe operation of the project.

3. Points to note for the water park:

       1. Many water amusement facilities have supports buried in the soil, and the debris around the supports needs to be cleaned up, otherwise the provincial inspection will be affected. The provincial inspection cannot be passed at one time before the opening, which will inevitably affect the opening.
       2. There is overflowing water around the sinking pool. When designing, it is necessary to consider the overflow of the sinking pool of each equipment. Especially large equipment will cause the water to overflow under the gravity action of the tourists falling into the water. Increase the chance of tourists slipping and falling.
       3. The steel platform and stairs are anti-slip and anti-scalding, and anti-slip mats need to be installed.
       4. Children’s safety is particularly important. It is recommended that all children’s areas be laid on colored rubber floors, or other effective anti-skid and fall-proof measures should be taken.
       5. All equipment sinking pools should be equipped with safety fences to prevent shore visitors from entering the sinking pool and accidents caused by tourists falling into the water.
       6. The issue of shading for employees and tourists should be taken into consideration. There is no effective shading on the equipment reception operating platform and the public area on the ground, which has a great impact on the later operation. The effective form of shading can extend the stay time of tourists and increase the rate of revisiting.
       7. According to the actual situation of one’s own water park, formulating various identification application specifications and making eye-catching identification signs with installation specifications are ways to effectively improve safety management and even effectively reduce safety responsibility.