What should be prepared before the construction of the water park

What should be prepared before the construction of the water park

What should be prepared before the construction of the water park ?

1. Conduct an all-round commercial market survey on the city where a water park will be built! It is necessary to fully understand the local consumption level, the main consumer population estimates, and surveys in the same industry, and only if it is prepared for trouble-free operations can it operate smoothly.

2. Estimate the size of the water park based on the level of your own investment. The water park is very profitable. The water park equipment has the characteristics of long use time, low maintenance cost, and convenient operation. However, funds are required to maintain during operation, so a certain amount of liquidity is necessary.


3. Choose and determine the most favorable construction land. A good site is half the success of an entity’s sales.

4. Submit the water park feasibility report to the relevant local authorities and do a good job in project approval. Tourism and amusement projects have less environmental pollution and can also drive the local economy. It is more in line with the country’s call for the development of the tourism economy. Generally speaking, it is easier passed.
5. The selection of items is extremely important! The current water park equipment is very complete, and various projects are also dazzling. The choice is based on how much money you have, the theme of your own park, and the interests of the riders. The theme is usually novel and exciting. There are super loud speakers, cobra slides, spiral combined slides, space basins, high-speed slides, etc.; for leisure and parent-children, there are water houses, family slides, wave pools, circulation rivers, and various water games.


6. Choosing a supplier. At present, the water park is in its infancy and there are many shell companies. Here are three suggestions:

a. Whether the company integrates planning, design, equipment manufacturing, installation and maintenance
b. Whether the company has relevant qualifications, such as installation qualifications
c. On-site inspection of the company is required.

7. Contracts are signed with suppliers! It is necessary to understand all aspects, including production, transportation, installation, maintenance, etc.

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Finally, I hope you can make a profit.