Water park equipment manufacturers: How to do a good job of water treatment in water parks so that tourists can rest assured to play

Water park equipment manufacturers: How to do a good job of water treatment in water parks so that tourists can rest assured to play

In the hot summer, the water park is a very leisure and fun sacred place, and its price is not expensive. It is carefully built by the water park equipment manufacturer , so it has become the first choice for the general public to cool off and relax. And the major water parks across the country have also released big moves to increase the passenger flow of the water parks. However, as a water park investor, if you want to make money easily, you must ensure that the water park has more repeat customers! So what? You can get more repeat customers? The water park equipment is fun and the ticket prices are affordable. On the one hand, a comfortable environment is also very important!

It is important to keep the playing environment clean and sanitary, and whether the water quality is clean. If your water park has clean, clear water quality, there will always be an urge to go for a swim. Just imagine, if the dirty water of the pool still has leaves, will consumers go to play? Not to mention coming to play again next time. In addition, poor water quality may cause skin diseases and other diseases. This shows how important it is to keep the water park pool clean and hygienic.

So, as an investor in a water park, how to ensure the clean and sanitary water quality?

1. For the long rainy season, because algae is easy to grow after heavy rains, it is necessary to add algaecides after the rain, and the amount of disinfectant should be 2-3 times the usual amount.

2. Every morning, the water park must be vacuumed and disinfected at night, and the water circulation in the swimming pool cannot be stopped.

3. There must be a foot-dipping pool beside the swimming pool escalator to reduce the number of tourists brought into the pool.

4. Tourists must wear swimming suits and swimming trunks when entering the water to avoid the discoloration of ordinary clothes and the contamination of bacteria to pollute the water in the swimming pool.

5. The staff cleans regularly and must be implemented in strict accordance with the hygienic environmental standards.

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