Water park equipment manufacturers: How to judge whether the water amusement park is safe?

Water park equipment manufacturers: How to judge whether the water amusement park is safe?

Let’s read a piece of news first: As early as July 2012, there was a tragedy in a water park in ningbo that had just started its trial operation. July 21, an 8-year-old boy with her mother and dad went to the soft opening just five days Ning Bo a water park to play, the result is missing in the lazy river play alone. After investigation by the police, it was finally found that the little boy was sitting on the raft at first, but the raft disappeared after passing a wooden bridge. At 5:08 in the morning of July 25, the official weibo of ningbo dongqian lake tourism resort management committee announced that the body of an 8-year-old child was found in a 26.5×24.5 cm diameter drainage pipe in the rafting pool of the water park. The place where the little boy was killed was 4.4 meters away from the nozzle. The little boy was sucked in by the suction nozzle at the bottom of the pool.

What a sad example! In summer, tourists like to play in the water, so how to judge whether the water amusement park is safe? Below guangzhou lanchao water park equipment manufacturers from four side note:

1.Is there a steady stream of water slides

 Steady stream will play the role of lubrication in surface water slides, people slide down from the top of the slide to avoid injuries.

2. Whether the pipelines between the water amusement facilities are seamlessly connected, and whether there is a water leakage problem.

If the pipeline leaks, the water flow in the slide is unstable, and people sliding inside at high speed will be injured.

3. Did the staff train safely.

Why two kayaks collided in a water park in Sichuan? The main reason is that two canoe down to the time too close, not before a finish, but the second ship went down, the results were hit hit. “Regulations for supervision and Inspection of Amusement Facilities” stipulate that the two bumper boats will not tip over when they collide at full speed. The occurrence of the above-mentioned “tragedy” indicates that there is a problem with the setup of this project.

4. Whether the warning signs are placed in place.

Each water park has a water suction port. A safety warning sign should be placed near the opening. Tourists should not approach it. If the placement is not conspicuous, visitors are accidentally sucked in when they approach it. The consequences will be unimaginable. In addition, water quality is also an important testing standard. If the water quality is not good enough, the bacteria will exceed the national standard, and it is easy to grow moss, making it easy for tourists to slip and fall.