For scenic spots, how to choose suitable water park equipment items

Scenic spots are a lucrative business for outsiders, but every family has hard-to-read lessons. Nowadays, the competitive pressure of scenic spots is great, and people are not satisfied with simple mountain and water tours, so it is particularly important to choose the right project. Today we will talk about how to choose suitable water park equipment items for the scenic spot.

1. The choice of development mode from the perspective of operating mode

Mainly divided into two options: independent operation of a single water park and non-independent operation of supporting water parks. Generally speaking, independently operating a single water park is more suitable for large-scale tourist attractions where projects gather, such as large-scale resorts. As one of the core projects of tourist attractions, the water park is relatively large in scale, with many products and water amusement facilities and a system that can be operated independently. Non-independently operated supporting water parks are suitable for pass-type small and medium-sized tourist attractions, amusement parks, ocean worlds, real estate communities, etc. The water parks do not need to be operated independently and are only used for supporting projects.

2. Choose water amusement equipment according to the investment situation. In terms of the selection of water amusement equipment

You can choose domestic manufacturers and foreign imported equipment. The quality of domestic and imported water amusement equipment is almost the same. Foreign imported equipment manufacturers have certain advantages in the development of new products, while domestic water amusement equipment has greater advantages in construction design, price, engineering, construction period, and after-sales service. The choice of domestic or imported equipment is mainly determined flexibly according to the scale of investment, investment objectives, market environment, construction period and the ability of the investor.

3. The development mode from the perspective of cultural content and landscape features

Mainly includes theme water parks and non-themed water parks. Non-themed water parks are also called traditional water parks. The theme water park is an advanced form of water park development. It takes water as the core, based on a specific cultural content, combined with equipment and landscape activities, and adopts scientific technology and methods to form a theme and characteristic playground scenery, which integrates a variety of water amusement activities, leisure elements and service facilities. Compared with traditional water parks, the main difference between the two lies in whether the landscape, equipment, operation, etc. have the theme culture embedded. The key to investing in theme water parks is to grasp the relationship with tourist attractions, especially in terms of site selection and scenic interaction. The combination of theme and creative activities, creative landscape, and marketing strategy is the key to the success of the theme water park.

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