How can investment in water parks achieve one-year payback and two-year profits?

How can investment in water parks achieve one-year payback and two-year profits?

The most concerned issue for water park investors is how to quickly recover costs and achieve profitability. The size of the investment can be determined in accordance with its own and local market conditions. The investment cost probably includes site costs and civil construction costs, the cost of purchasing water park equipment, and the cost of operating the water park.

If a water park wants to make a profit, it is directly related to the planning, design and construction of the early stage, so how to rationally plan the water park naturally becomes the core point, mainly from the following aspects:

1. Obtain the market and resources for the proposed project After waiting for the stage results of the research and preliminary research on the project strategy and investment control opinions, the construction plan design of the project should be carried out.

2. In the process of construction plan design, various tasks should continue to deepen and strengthen communication with construction plan design, so that the project not only meets the requirements of laws and regulations, but also feasible in engineering and finance as far as possible, and fully realizes the project goals.

3. The construction plan design is an important part of the project’s feasibility study, and has the effect of connecting the past and the future.

a. On the basis of market and resource research, conduct in-depth research and propose engineering technical solutions to achieve project goals and project strategies.

b. Provide conditions for subsequent analysis work such as investment estimation, project financing, cost analysis and financial evaluation.

c. The technical and economic comparisons carried out repeatedly in the construction plan design, while gradually improving the design plan, realize project optimization.

d. Provide a comprehensive basic plan and basis for the preliminary design of the project.

e. It is conducive to the work of the project implementation stage, such as fund raising, technology trade, design, equipment and material ordering, construction and installation, etc.