Six strategies to help you successfully operate a water park

Six strategies to help you successfully operate a water park

Since 2010, water parks have been blooming all over the country. Most cities have their own water parks. The development characteristics of water parks during this period are mostly large-scale, novel, and exciting. From a financial perspective, these Regardless of how the water parks that appeared in the year were built and built, their operating profit margins exceeded 40%, so there must be profits. The question is how to operate water parks to make investment more efficient? The following six strategies are shared by the Guangzhou Blue Tide Water Park equipment manufacturers for reference only.

1. Strengthen advertising and publicity.

Advertising has a greater intensity. Basically all water parks will make an overall promotion plan every year. Advertising and publicity include TV, newspaper, radio, magazine, TV subtitles, public transportation and online advertising. Therefore, water park operators need to conduct comprehensive and comprehensive advertising.

2. Comprehensive strategy

For promotion and promotion materials For promotion and promotion, water parks usually print related promotion materials, mail them to potential customers or hang them in the park. Events such as event posters, direct investment magazines, billboard production, subtitle advertisement writing, and day program schedules, etc., are all the information that the water park wants to convey or the image and concept to be conveyed to consumers.

3. Enriching strategies for festive promotions. 

The methods of festive promotions are common in department stores, large shopping malls or shopping malls. Water parks can also be cited in marketing, because festivals are the best time for the whole family to go out. From the perspective of the consumption structure of tourists, tickets account for about 50%, and other consumption also accounts for about 50%. Seizing festivals to promote products and tickets can drive the consumption of commodities and catering other than tickets, and various festivals. Promotional activities are bound to bring richer benefits to children’s water parks.

4. Travel agency combination strategy.

Water park and travel agency have a common interest basis, and can be combined with other tourist attractions of travel agency to become a signboard of travel agency to attract tourists.

5. Off-season discount promotion strategy

The leisure industry, especially the amusement park industry, is affected by the weather and seasonal climate, which have obvious off-peak seasons. Water parks can implement a strategy of discounting tickets to attract customers when the passenger flow is low and the utilization of water park equipment is not high.

6. Co-marketing strategy 

With other branded products The water park already has intangible assets in form, and can be considered for joint marketing with related industries to achieve a win-win and multi-win effect.