The development trend of water amusement equipment

The development trend of water amusement equipment

There are many types of water amusement equipment . Common ones include wave pool equipment, circulation rivers, water slides, water theme parks, water houses and water villages, etc. These equipment are the core facilities of water parks.Water is the main form ofwater amusement facilities. The rise of characteristic water parks has changed the form of water amusement to a great extent, and has become a new form of leisure and entertainment with a rapidly expanding industry scale in the short term. The history of the development ofwaterparks is also the history of the development of water amusement equipment. While the development of water park equipment, the design and research and development of water park equipment have been further developed.

There is also this close connection between the development of china’s water parks and china’s theme park industry. After the reform and opening up the 1980s and 1990s, the theme park is quickly drawn into china, where urban amusementpark, the water park has emerged on the scene. In 1985, the “Water World” in guangzhou oriental paradise was the first water park in my country.

Since then, dozens of water parks have been built in cities such as beijing, shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, zhuhai, chengdu, shenyang, and suzhou. But during this period the construction of the water park general storein a small area and a small amount of investment issues, only a majority, 20,000 square meters, mainly domestic equipment. Due to irrational market positioning, high ticket, fierce competition, poor management, traffic is notthe reason then, security issues, so that except for a few after renovation can continue to operate and even grow, but most generally have “Xing year, two in sheng, a three-year decline, defeated four years, “the short life cycleperiod.

On the whole, the development of water parks in this period was learning from the development process and experience of the West on the one hand, but more dependent on self-exploration. The closure of a large number of water parks hasprovided useful experience and lessonsfor the further improvementand promotionof the industry. The basic laws of the development of some water parks have been effectively summarized. Theme, location, investment, marketing, profit and supervision at the water park construction and development overthe status and role in the process has been scientific understanding of the system, thereby laying the foundation for large-scale development after 2000 Waterpark.

Since 2010, my country’s water parks have entered the track of rapid large-scale development. There are currently more than 240 large and medium-sized water parks in my country, of which more than 80% have been completed and operated after 2010. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 20 large and medium-sized water parks planned to be built. Nevertheless, compared with big water park countries, there is still a considerable gap between the total number of water parks in my country and the per capita ownership.

Take the united states, the world’s largest water park country, as an example. The united States has the world’s largest and most concentrated water park market. Now, there are more than 800 water parks in the united states, and more than ten water parks open every year. Comparing my country’s population size, fast-growing per capita income, and the leisure and entertainment needs of ordinary people with blowout development, it is obvious that my country’s water park industry still has very broad potential to be explored.

Corresponding to the rapid increase in the number is the rapid expansion of the construction area. According to statistics collected, before 2010, the construction area of my country’s large and medium-sized water parks was close to 6,000 mu, while this figure reached more than 35,000 mu in the six years from 2010 to 2016, which is five times the previous construction area. many.

From the perspective of the stage of development, my country’s water parks are in a stage of rapid development. It is characterized by rapid growth in numbers, larger and larger scales, geographical proximity to developed big cities, mainly to meet the leisure and entertainment needs of families and local markets, supported by the rapid growth of the middle class and the rapid development of urbanization. This stage is roughly equivalent to the development stage of water parks in the United States in the 1970s. At present, as the economy grows slowly and the population continues to age, american water parks have entered a mature stage, showing steady growth in numbers, a highly segmented market, and a high degree of multi-functional industry portfolio.

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