Shaanxi Water Park equipment vacuum wave generation allows you to fully enjoy the outdoor life of the holiday

Shaanxi water park play equipment allows you to enjoy outdoor living holiday! Guangzhou Lanchao water park equipment co., ltd. is set product development, production, sales, construction services and project planning and design of large-scale water games company, is specialised in manufacturer of complete sets of equipment for water amusement facilities. The main products produced and supplied are: swimming pool water treatment equipment and constant temperature equipment, water park equipment, large-scale water amusement facilities, water slides, artificial wave equipment, children’s water playing equipment, hot spring facilities, spa equipment, fountain water scenery equipment, etc.

Today, let everyone understand the principle of vacuum wave making: the vacuum wave making method uses multiple vacuum pumps to drain the air in the air chamber. The vacuum pump discharges the air in the air chamber through the laid pipeline. As the degree of extraction of air deepens, the air in the air chamber becomes less and less, on the contrary, the degree of vacuum becomes higher and higher. At this time, the water in the wave pool will be filled into the air chamber in large quantities. When the water in the air chamber reaches a certain level, the control valve of the air chamber is opened through the control device.

In this case, outside air will re-enter the gas chamber through a conduit, the gas chamber increasing the degree of vacuum is low, due to gravity, the water accompanied by huge energy flow from the gas chamber, then it will produce Artificial waves. Sometimes artificial waves can reach about 0.3-3 metres, and there are 4-8 kinds of wave shapes. But it depends on the configuration of the equipment and the size of the wave pool. Since the set up manufacturing wave-making needed to prepare less, while the wave pool larger area, the higher seating capacity, the cost is not very high, so the playability is very strong. Compared with other equipment, the profit is higher.

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