The most visited water park equipment

The most visited water park equipment

Mentioned lanchao water park equipment , people naturally think of, big horn water slides, water slides dragon, skateboarding surfing and other large water fun park equipment, water slides series is really important water park equipment, or even a major water park equipment, For large water parks like Guangzhou changlong , large water slides have become its iconic water park equipment. What this article is discussing is, in the water park amusement project , which equipment or project is the one that can accommodate the most tourists?

1. Water park equipment accommodates the number of tourists.

The third largest water slide is characterized by fun and excitement. Most of them are 15-55 years old. Because large water slides are special equipment, water park equipment manufacturers are designing At the time, it is usually a 2-6 person kayak, or a competitive water slide like an octopus slide. They take a certain amount of time to slide, so it directly determines the capacity of the large water slide at the same time. Therefore, the ranking is based on the number of people. third.

2. The second should be water villages and water play equipment.

Water houses and water play equipment are more suitable for people than large water slides. People including children can play in water villages and paddling pools. The paddling pools are installed. All kinds of water playing equipment/sketches are often full in summer.

3. The most accommodating tourists wave pool.

Water park facilities, the largest seating capacity is the wave pool, and the general wave pool will have a professional stage performances, in the experience of surfing the same time, also can see a show; wave pool General also set There is a simulated beach, which is a sacred place for leisure in the summer water park . You can see the live pictures of the liveliness .

In the construction of water parks, each water park equipment or amusement project has its own mission to satisfy different tourists. Each amusement equipment is very important or even indispensable. Internationally renowned water park equipment manufacturers – Guangzhou blue tide on the paradise set by the Limited, has a wealth of experience in construction and water park planning and design, we welcome the call to explore.