Which water park equipment do investors like to invest in?

Which water park equipment do investors like to invest in?

The weather is getting colder and the outdoor water park is over. The hot water park will undoubtedly bring wealth to investors. So which water park equipment do investors like to invest in? The equipment of the water park determines the experience of tourists. The following guangzhou lanchao Water Park Equipment co., ltd. will introduce several water park equipment preferred by investors :

1. The wave pool in the water park can be called the core of the water park why? Because of the large capacity of the wave-making pool and the spectacular scene, it can accommodate thousands of people at a time. The wave-making pool can be up to 3 meters with huge waves. Suddenly one after another huge waves are covered. The crazy and spectacular scenes are suffocating. , Even onlookers can feel the excitement and shock.

2. Water house water village, as the name implies, is a water house on the water. It is a kind of comprehensive amusement facility that integrates various water toys, water dumpers, water slides, and themed landscapes. There are also themed water houses with different themes. Adults children can play, suitable for couples, families, companies and other groups of tourists, just like a large family amusement facilities.

3. The family horn slide designed and produced by lanchao is a brand new product developed in response to the lack of parent-child interactive water slides on the market. Riding by an adult and a child, it has the advantages of strong interest, high safety performance, bright colors, stable operation, and easy management. This is a paradise for parent-child joy, wonderful memories.

4. The large sky-rotating slide allows a family or a group of friends to sit together and experience this happiness together. Tourists set off from a height of 19 meters on a circular kayak floating mat that can accommodate up to 6 people at a time. After passing through a spiral chute of more than 80 meters at high speed, they quickly descend nearly 10 meters and dive to the lowest point. He rushed up to the top of a big landslide again, challenged the limit of gravity, dived down again and returned to the pool steadily, thrilling, and thoroughly experienced the family joy brought by the pleasure of skyrocketing and maneuvering. It is the most popular water park. One of the facilities. The maximum passenger capacity of the water slide can reach 1080 people/h per hour. 

5. Play in the water sketch, a paradise for children to play in the water, children playing seesaw, apple house, water spray equipment in the pool, and playing with other children will be very happy. Parents can also accompany their children with bright colors and realistic shapes, just like walking in a fairy tale world, immersing themselves on the scene, adding a sense of innocence to the children’s imagination.