Which water park equipment do investors like to invest in?

As the weather cools down, the outdoor water park season comes to an end. However, the popularity of water parks continues to attract investors. So, which water park equipment do investors prefer? The equipment in a water park significantly influences the visitors’ experience. Here, Lanchao water park equipment manufacturer will introduce several types of water park equipment that are favoured by investors:

1. The wave pool is often considered the heart of a water park. Why? Because of its large capacity and impressive scenes, it can accommodate thousands of people simultaneously. The wave pool can generate waves up to 3 metres high, creating a thrilling and spectacular experience. Even spectators can feel the excitement and awe of the massive waves.

2. The water house or water village is essentially a water-based playground. It combines various water toys, dumpers, slides, and themed landscapes. There are also themed water houses catering to different interests. Suitable for adults and children alike, it is perfect for couples, families, companies, and other groups, offering a comprehensive amusement experience.

3. The family horn slide, designed and produced by Lanchao, is a new product developed to address the lack of parent-child interactive water slides on the market. It allows an adult and a child to ride together, offering strong interest, high safety, bright colours, stable operation, and easy management. It is a paradise for parent-child joy, creating wonderful memories.

4. The large sky-rotating slide allows a family or a group of friends to experience the thrill together. Starting from a height of 19 metres on a circular kayak floating mat, which can accommodate up to 6 people, riders pass through an 80-metre spiral chute at high speed, descend nearly 10 metres, and then dive to the lowest point. They then rush up to the top of a large slide, challenging the limits of gravity, before diving down again and returning to the pool. This thrilling ride is one of the most popular water park attractions, with a maximum capacity of 1080 people per hour.

5. The water play area is a paradise for children, featuring seesaws, apple houses, water spray equipment, and more. Children can play together, creating a joyful atmosphere. Parents can accompany their children, enjoying the bright colours and realistic shapes that make it feel like a fairy tale world, adding a sense of innocence to the children’s imagination.

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