Guangzhou Water Park design creates a new scene of a series of water park amusement equipment

Guangzhou Water Park design creates a new scene of a series of water park amusement equipment

The design of guangzhou water park has created a new scene of a series of water park amusement equipment ! Guangzhou lanchao water park equipment co., ltd. has created a series of new scenes of water parks and water park amusement equipment, breaking the form of outdated water parks, introducing advanced concepts at home and abroad, combined with novel design ideas, and customers are full of praise. Make tourists continuously experience novelty and excitement in the game, and increase the personalization and specialization of entertainment.

Where there is a market, there is competition, and where there is competition, there will be winners and losers. How to stand out from the competition lies not only in the management skills and operating methods of the operators, but also in the safety, intelligence and education of their amusement facilities. And with the continuous improvement of people’s spiritual needs, water amusement equipment needs to meet the above three levels while also satisfying the emotional principle and experience design concept.

The water park is a popular playground in summer. It is mainly a large-scale comprehensive playground with water as the theme and integrating leisure, entertainment and sports. Water slides are the main components of the water park project, especially the water slides stand out and are very popular. It uses water as the sliding medium, and tourists play along the inner surface of the water in a prescribed way. Park engineering equipment. In the process of managing water amusement equipment, the daily maintenance of water park equipment is also very important. In order to prolong the life of water amusement equipment and increase the quality of use of water amusement equipment, water park design specifications/descriptions, the staff will take these measures daily The maintenance cannot be ignored. Therefore, when carrying out daily protection, it is necessary to maintain diligently, so as to increase the service life.

Basic knowledge of water park facilities

1. The nameplate should be fixed at a prominent position of the water amusement facility. What should the nameplate include at least?

Manufacturer name, product model or mark, manufacturing license number, grade, manufacturing date or factory number, and main performance parameters of the product, etc.

2. What are the requirements for the establishment of high-level guard posts and life-saving personnel for water amusement facilities?

1. High-level guard posts must be set up in hidden corners such as circulating rivers and drifting rivers.

2. Set up high-level guard posts on both sides of the area where the water depth exceeds 1.5 meters.

3. At least one lifeguard should be installed at the exit of the water slide.

3. How to deal with the people who fell in emergency?

1. In the event of a person falling, for minor injuries, the on-site personnel should take emergency rescue measures to prevent the injured from massive blood loss, shock, coma, etc., dial 120 medical emergency calls, and report to the person in charge of the unit.

2. If the falling person is seriously injured, artificial respiration and chest heart compression should be performed.

3. If there is a broken bone in the injured person, do not move the injured person blindly. . .

4. The above rescue process ends after 120 medical emergency personnel arrive at the scene, and the staff should cooperate with 120 medical emergency personnel for treatment.