Instructions on the storage and disposal of water amusement facilities

1. When the amusement effect of water amusement facilities cannot meet the requirements of attracting tourists, when the facilities are not suitable for major repairs due to repair technology and cost reasons, and when the equipment needs to be sealed in special seasons (such as winter), the equipment can be handled with the approval of the person in charge of the unit Seal up or scrap procedures.

2. Equipment sealing equipment should be sealed up after being out of service for six months or more, and the sealing procedures should be handled in accordance with the regulations; the sealing should have obvious signs. Before the equipment is sealed up, a comprehensive maintenance shall be carried out, and measures shall be taken to prevent dust, rust, and moisture. The designated personnel shall be designated for storage, regular inspection and maintenance. All storage equipment must meet the requirements of intact equipment and be included in the scope of equipment inspection.

3. The user unit shall report the special equipment or parts and components that have life-time requirements in the standards or technical regulations. After the special equipment is scrapped, the user shall report.

4. Water rides accident severely damaged beyond use or repair, there is a serious potential accidents, without alteration, repair of value, safety and security more difficult, or exceed safety technology specification technique useful life of the equipment after the ministry submits a report and submits it to the person in charge of the unit for approval, the special equipment safety supervision agency responsible for the registration of the special equipment shall go through the scrapping procedures.

5. The discarded water amusement facilities shall not be sold to other business units to operate as amusement facilities. The main stress force structure and mechanical components, the main electrical components, the safety device and the safety section member, also can not be reused for rides. When necessary, it should be possible to disassemble and disassemble the scrapped equipment.

6. For the cancellation of use registration, please refer to how to handle the use registration, change registration, deactivation, scrapping, and cancellation of large-scale water amusement facilities.

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