How to maintain, clean and maintain water amusement facilities

How to maintain, clean and maintain water amusement facilities

The most important thing for tourists to play in the water park is to be happy! In occasion of opening, the students should receive Fan sinking immerse play “king” of friends in the heart of summer, the water park should have been to go for the water park equipment maintenance person staff, the regular maintenance of equipment to good Ensure that tourists have fun and play at ease. Let’s talk about some basic maintenance knowledge of water amusement facilities maintenance by guangzhou lanchao water park equipment co., ltd.

1. Check the waterways.

Some relatively flat waterways. The slides where the staff can walk on the waterways. This requires the staff to check each channel before using the equipment every day. Especially in the inspection and maintenance chute when staff members need to take security measures will be checked once the entire waterway.

2. Maintenance and cleaning of the watercourse.

If you find dirty places on the surface of the watercourse, you need to use a soft brush and a relatively neutral detergent to clean the watercourse, or the dust, grease, sunscreen and other pollutants on the surface of the watercourse can also be used. Clean up like this. For a few contaminants can not be cleaned, it may be polished after the waterways and light stabilizers spend to repair paint wax, under normal circumstances, before waxing staff, as well as some places in stain fade watercourses, it is required with a good Polishing agent to polish to the initial gloss. What needs special attention is that when we use polishing and other tools, we must be very careful not to make the surface of the water channel too hot. Not only will it cause sand-like particles on the surface of the water channel, it will also easily cause blisters and blisters on the water channel. Streaks, in this case, they need to be repainted.

3.Check the power supply.

Before starting the water amusement facility every day, check the usage of the power supply equipment and water treatment equipment in the computer room, and ensure the safety of electricity use and the clean water quality. So as to ensure visitors have fun, will put more heart to play water park.

It is precisely because of the hard work of so many maintenance staff that there is a hot scene of tens of thousands of people traveling together. Every successfully operated water park cannot be separated from the maintenance staff who work silently behind it.