What needs to be done to ensure the safe operation of water park equipment?

What needs to be done to ensure the safe operation of water park equipment?

The safety of water park equipment is related to the lives of tourists, so special attention should be paid to safety issues. Guangzhou lanchao water park equipment manufacturer will talk with you: What needs to be done to ensure the safe operation of water park equipment?

1. Wear a buoyancy suit. Visitors entering the wave pool must wear a buoyancy suit. The wave pool is an area where people are concentrated and it is prone to drowning accidents. Even if there are lifeguards, it is still necessary to take protective measures when tourists gather. Therefore, every tourist must wear a buoyancy suit into the water to avoid drowning in the case of physical weakness or cramps. Another advantage of wearing a buoyancy suit is that it can control the number of tourists and achieve crowd control.

2. The problem of blind spot of sight. For the area with water park equipment, especially in the water area, no place can be missed. If there is a bruise or water choking accident, the lifeguard will immediately find out and carry out rescue. Therefore, when arranging the staff on duty in the water area, follow the instructions The water area is divided by the first angle of view, and if there is a block, a few more people need to be added to ensure that there is no blind spot in the monitoring area.

3. High-quality water quality is the key. Water parks are mainly based on water, so the treatment of water quality is very important to water park equipment manufacturers. During the operation period, the water quality will change due to factors such as passenger flow, weather, and water hardening. Different water quality treatments should be done in different areas to ensure that the water quality is qualified.

4. Do a good job of anti-skid treatment. Most of the tourists in the water park are barefoot, so the requirements for anti-skid on the ground are relatively high, especially in the paddling pool and wave pool, etc., it is necessary to make the ground anti-skid. If the ground is non-slip, it is easy to cause tourists to fall. , from scratches to fractures, so the anti-skid treatment of the ground should not be ignored.

5. Maintenance of the slide. The slide is the carrier of the water park equipment, whether it is a human slide or a kayak slide, the smoothness of the slide surface determines the use of the slide. Especially the human slide, if there is damage, it will cause harm to the human body. After the business is over, the surface of the slide is protected and covered with a protective cover, which can greatly reduce the rate of aging.

The above is the safe operation strategy shared by the equipment manufacturers of guangzhou lanchao water park. I hope it will be helpful to your operation.