How can a 10,000-square-meter water park quickly return to the cost and make money?

During this time a lot of customers to consult, “I want to build 10,000 square meters of water park should do to how quickly they can make money?” Where guangzhou lanchao water park equipment limited company to share the experience with you.

1. The current mainstream water park equipment is laid out in a small and precise area of 10,000 square meters . 

The transportation distance between equipment and equipment is very short, which completely avoids the embarrassment of wasting time on the road, and truly allows tourists to spend all their time on happy experiences . In this way, playing will be very relaxing and fatigue will disappear.

2. Visitor interaction.

We especially emphasize interaction. Visitors come to play not only to play with the water park equipment, but also the atmosphere. Happy atmosphere. The equipment can quickly be surpassed, but the interactive atmosphere is evergreen, such as learning from Disney. To enhance the interactive experience of tourists with games, performances, etc., and organize everyone to have fun together!

3. Create features.

To build the characteristic image of the park, do a good job in the decoration and planning of the water park, and move the mystery of the water park into the park, bringing a different feeling and experience to everyone.