How to solve the problem of short operating cycle of water park

How to solve the problem of short operating cycle of water park

Every summer, the water park appeared full phenomenon, according donkey mother travel publication based platform for big data “2016 summer season splashing Report” show in major scenic tourist class play in the water park daily average volume continued to surge, play The number rose Chao Guo 200%. 


However, although the water park is very popular, it also has a fatal shortcoming, that is, the seasonality is more obvious and the operating cycle is short. Especially in the northern outdoor project management cycle is generally only two months, which means that enterprises will face temporary staff turnover, land resource consumption, extend the recovery period and other issues, then how to solve it? Guangzhou Lanchao on the music garden equipment manufacturers to remind you, simply do two things, the problem is solved.



1. When planning and designing water parks, many investors should consider not to build too single water parks as much as possible. 

It is recommended to build more comprehensive and diversified projects and make full use of local characteristic resources. good set of warm springs, water park, skiing, hotels, restaurants, shopping as one of the tourist resort recreational complex project. For a relatively single water park, it is recommended to consider the secondary products in winter as much as possible, such as water park in summer, skating, theme lighting exhibition in winter , etc.




2. Most of the domestic water park equipment is indeed the same. 

Therefore, we should first fully understand and analyze the surrounding competitors , try to be differentiated in the selection of water amusement equipment and themes, and more will not be copied The elements are added to ensure that the project has its own highlights after completion. And supporting facilities in terms of late, business management, service management concept to do more innovative aspects, these are also the crux of the successful operation of the water park.