Hong Kong Tuen Mun Park Inclusive Playground opens

On December 17, the Inclusive Playground in Tuen Mun Park, Hong Kong opened.

It is understood that the amusement park is co-organized by the leisure and cultural services department of the sar government and the architectural services department. The winning works of the inclusive amusement space design concept competition jointly organized by the chile children’s play association, the united nations children’s fund hong kong committee and the hong kong Institute of landscape architects are used as the winning entries. Based on the blueprint, and absorbing the opinions of children in the district , it will be constructed in the form of a pilot plan.

The project is hong kong’s first barrier-free children’s lanchao water park that incorporates the two natural elements of water and sand into the design . It provides diversified and inclusive play facilities. There are 7 play themed areas. The northern amusement park is equipped with “https://www.lanchaowaterpark.com/.shadow lotus” and “hills”. And “musical senses”, the south amusement park has ” egg hunting paradise”, “reptile paradise”, “rotating zone” and “sensory zone”.

In another development, physical and mental development of children is concerned, the government lcsd’s leisure venues has 644 outdoor children’s play facilities, and the other 36 sports hall with an indoor playroom for children, distributed in 18 districtslk