Yueyang Happy Land Water Park opens to welcome guests

Water park equipment such as water roller coasters, super loudspeakers, rapid race slides, high-speed combined slides, barrel sled slides, children’s combined slides, super double wave tsunami pools, super large water villages … Yueyang has one more place for children Le Bu Si Shu’s water entertainment project. 


With an investment of 200 million yuan and covering an area of 200 acres, it is located in Yanglin Township, Yueyang County, the top water-themed leisure park in Hunan Province—Yueyang Happy Land Water Park. The theme of the “Six Day” opening ceremony is the Maicard Cool Fun Watering Festival and Yueyang Happy Land Opening Ceremony jointly launched by the park and Hunan Satellite TV Golden Eagle Cartoon TV. There are also exotic stage shows and golden eagle cartoon dolls with Mai Card and Boob performances and guest interactions. They are destined to be one of the themes of this cool “Six Day” children.

The water park with complete entertainment facilities welcomes guests

on the eve of June 1st. Parents are all thinking about where to take the children to play? Yueyang has no shortage of good places for leisure and fun. Although the weather is fine, the temperature is hot. This belongs to the children. Holidays must be spent in the summer, leisure, and fun, complete attractions, so as to bring the greatest satisfaction to the children. After more than a year of construction, Yueyang Happy Land Water Park finally rushed to the grand opening of the “Six Day”. As the top water-themed leisure water park in Hunan, what are the fun points in it that will make the children enter the park happy ?

“The Golden Eagle cartoon “Jing Xia” water splashing season in cooperation between our park and Hunan Satellite TV Golden Eagle Cartoon TV This is the theme of this year.” Chen Bing, the person in charge, told reporters that the opening of the park was a collaboration between Yueyang Happy Land Water Park and Hunan Satellite TV Golden Eagle Cartoon TV. The opening ceremony was presided over by the host of the Golden Eagle Cartoon Flying Family. “There is also an exotic stage show and Golden Eagle cartoon dolls for performances and guest interactions with Maicard and Bobu!” At the same time, there is also Maicard to challenge the king of rushing slides, and Maicard to challenge the king of super Big horns, the super big water village of the Mccard Relay Race, and the Double Wave Mode Tsunami Pool of the Together Happy Rally.

In order to ensure the opening of the “Six Day” park, the park has refurbished many facilities again. In addition to the “Disney” castle pass, sea lion show, Whale Island Park, alpaca liger and other fun points, the park has added a water roller coaster. In addition to 11 aquatic recreation projects such as super horns, rapid competition slides, high-speed combined slides, barrel sled slides, children’s combined slides, super double wave tsunami pools, lazy rivers, super large water villages, fish spa pools, etc. In terms of environmental construction, the park has added a batch of dinosaurs, Zhile, sea lions and other animals for visitors to watch and interact. The park can accommodate more than 30,000 tourists at the same time. It is the new favorite and first choice for summer vacations and parent-child fun.

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