2017 Chimelong Water Park is the first in the country to open

2017 Chimelong Water Park is the first in the country to open

When most places in China are still in the cold, the Guangzhou Changlong Water Park grandly opened this year’s new “water season” in April! It is expected that the number of visitors in April this year will double that of last year. In 2017, it is expected to set a new world record for the total number of visitors to the global water park and become a benchmark brand in the international tourism industry!

The reason why Changlong Water Park was able to take the lead in opening the park so recklessly is that the world’s leading technology of constant temperature water and heating system has been introduced to maintain the warm water of 33°C to 35°C throughout the entire garden pool . In 2017, a new 70°C was launched. Sauna house and jacuzzi from 38℃ to 40℃. Humane mode of play in the water together with the world’s top large water entry projects, so the whole family, “Family Story” to the water park “with hot play”!

Chimelong Water Park, which opened its tenth anniversary this year, has always been in the leading position in the same industry in the world. It has set a record for the number of visitors to the global water park for four consecutive years, from 2.17 million in 2013 to 2.54 million in 2016. Paradise has become a well-deserved No.1 in the world. In particular, it has pioneered in the industry, taking the lead in large-scale introduction of advanced warm water systems, creating a humanized water play mode, so as to realize the first domestic park to open and provide a world-class water play experience.

Guangzhou Lanchao Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, located in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, Nansha District. It is set product development, production, sales, construction services and project compliance planning and design of large-scale water games company, is specialized in water rides equipment production suppliers. The main production and supply of products: swimming pool water treatment equipment and constant temperature equipment, water park equipment, large-scale water rides, water slides, artificial waves equipment, children’s swimming equipment, spa facilities, water treatment equipment, spray spring landscape equipment.

The establishment of Lanchao Company is based on the desire to provide the best quality and service. The production of the best quality products in the industry has always been our goal. At the same time, we have reduced the cost of product production through a mature management mechanism, and provided high-quality water amusement products at affordable prices, achieving high cost performance. After years of development development, we have accumulated a strong enterprise strength. We adhere to the product quality as the center and quality of pre-service, affordable prices, perfect after-sales service as the basis, with the own advanced equipment and technology, experienced professional and technical personnel, skilled construction team, won the majority of Customer praise.

Facing all kinds of new challenges and opportunities, Lanchao gives full play to its own characteristics and advantages, and implements the strategy of “professional focus, quality first; based on China and facing the world” based on the service concept of “sincere service, customer first” Policy to enable the company to continue to grow and develop and provide customers with better services. Strive to create a water park comparable to Changlong for the majority of water park project investors!