The perfect combination of ecological farms and water parks creates another business opportunity

The perfect combination of ecological farms and water parks creates another business opportunity

The reason why we often see water parks in some farm eco-parks is because eco-farm designers see business opportunities in water parks. In order to drive the farm’s catering industry through the water park project, the diversified water amusement facilities presented have greatly met the needs of tourists for fun and won the common love of children and parents.

What are the advantages of choosing a water park for an eco-farm? Water park projects can be large or small, and operators can purchase and adjust equipment according to their own site needs to make their projects more unique! Moreover, the project has the advantages of one-time investment, high return on investment, low risk, low management cost, fast construction speed, convenient operation and maintenance, etc. This is one of the factors why many ecological farms are selected.

Why does an eco-farm need to update its equipment regularly?

1. Because the renewal of the equipment of the ecological farm water park will directly affect the user experience, from the perspective of market demand, people’s experience of amusement is dynamic. The amusement products remain unchanged, which will reduce the attractiveness and make it difficult for tourists to revisit, thereby reducing the revisit rate of the water amusement park. In order to meet the changing needs of people and create interesting ways of play, the ecological farm regularly introduces some new water amusement equipment, which is one of the ways to achieve this goal.

2. Any product has a life cycle, and water park equipment is no exception. The impact of equipment update on the water entertainment experience of ecological farm users is intangible, so the equipment update will directly affect the ecological farm, the richness of water park amusement products and the attractiveness of water amusement park products, thereby affecting the passenger flow and well-being of the ecological farm running.

3. The service life of the equipment of the ecological farm water park will affect the safety of visitors, and the old equipment will continue to be depreciated during use. When the equipment reaches the end of its service life or the old state is serious, it will cause great safety hazards and reduce the safety performance of the equipment. In order for the ecological farm to ensure the safety of tourists, it is necessary to provide safe services and guaranteed water amusement equipment. Therefore, the ecological farm needs to regularly introduce new equipment to replace the old equipment according to the actual life of the water amusement equipment.

4. From the perspective of eco-farm marketing, through the update of marketing hotspot equipment in water parks, it is conducive to eco-farm marketing innovation. Taking the opportunity of equipment update to carry out various themed marketing activities will help stimulate the fresh vitality of the water park project, drive the catering and amusement services of the ecological farm, satisfy the curiosity of tourists, and further enhance the attractiveness. Make ecological farm amusement facilities richer and more diversified, thereby further improving the overall brand quality of the park and the ecological farm tourism market. Therefore, the maintenance of the water park is an important component of the ecological farm’s core competitiveness.