How to match the water park equipment to attract tourists

How to match the water park equipment to attract tourists

The water park has been carefully designed and is a new type of water amusement park integrating entertainment, leisure, swimming, sports and water splashing. Compared with traditional water parks, water parks are more fun than imagined, allowing visitors to enjoy the coolness of the water in midsummer . 


Most of the amusement projects are colorful, peculiar and dynamic, and the entire water park is full of a rich atmosphere of joy, which will bring visitors a refreshing visual impact. The blue tide water park equipment manufacturers kindly reminded tourists how to match the water park equipment the most.

The wave pool, with huge waves as high as 3 meters, is the core area for adventurers. The huge waves come one by one, allowing visitors to experience the excitement of being submerged by the huge waves, and even onlookers can feel the excitement. Another advantage is that its design is flexible and can be designed and packaged according to their respective geographical conditions.

Ocean water village, colorful slides, crawling nets, buckets, water guns, fountain wave slides, dolls dumping bucket, ball row, eight sealing wheels gathered here, in a dreamy water kingdom. The large cistern with a capacity of 2 tons at the top gives the carnival people a happy baptism every 15 minutes.

The big horn slide descends rapidly from the 6-story high starting point. After passing through the water slide like a giant python, it is instantly sucked into the big horn by the tornado. You can experience the beauty of sliding in the wind in the rapid sliding, like a fish rushing through the rapids, strong weight loss people feel to never stimulation, fun!

The family small sky slide, which is carried by an adult and a child, has the advantages of strong interest, high safety performance, bright colors, stable operation, and easy management. It is a brand-new product developed for the lack of parent-child interactive water slides currently in the market. This is a paradise for parent-child joy and wonderful memories.

The water play sketch can be placed according to the size of the paddling pool. Generally, you can put a few blocks that attract children’s attention, water spray chef, pirate ship, apple house, water spray rain column, seesaw, etc. This not only allows children to interact with their parents, You can also exercise the children’s physical fitness, why not do it?

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