Exciting and fun water park equipment-giant beast bowl

Exciting and fun water park equipment-giant beast bowl

The Lanchao Behemoth Bowl water park equipment looks like a big bowl. The equipment has won the “Golden Ticket Award” and “The World’s Best New Water Park Equipment” award. 

It is the star project of the water park and is most loved by young people. Two tourists took the same floating ring and slid down from the semi-high-altitude platform. Under the action of gravity and water flow, they slid down through a long pipe and rushed into a huge bowl with a diameter of 14.2 meters at a high speed. They were driven by centrifugal force along the huge bowl. After rotating the edge a few times, slide to the exit. Behemoth Bowl will allow visitors to body experience completely different from other devices to the new taxi experience. Other visitors can stand on an eight-meter-high viewing platform next to the equipment and see the entire taxiing process.

Lanchao water park equipment behemoth bowl play safety instructions:

      1. Apply to more than 1.5 meters tall and weighing 90KG, healthy, no disability, no mental retardation personnel.

      2. The slide must be entered under the instructions and assistance of the staff, and it is not allowed to slide in advance without giving instructions, and it is prohibited to enter and exit without permission.

      3. The raft should be filled with 4 people and the total load should not exceed 360KG. The weight of tourists in the same group should not be too different. Overloading or insufficient personnel is strictly prohibited.

      4. After entering the first slide should be required to prepare before taxiing, let go strictly prohibited during taxiing, standing; stop in case the raft, the need to follow the staff instructions strictly forbidden without permission got up and left the raft.

      5. When you enter the pool at the end of water skiing, you should wait for the kayak to completely stop and get off the kayak under the guidance of the staff, and leave the pool as soon as possible.

      6. It is strictly forbidden to slide without water or to slide directly on the human body. It is strictly forbidden to slide with a kayak that does not meet the safety requirements, and it is strictly forbidden to slide with two kayaks at the same time.



The play posture of the giant beast bowl of the water park equipment manufacturer

      1. Visitors enter the kayak at the entrance of the slide, first sit in the front and then the back, hold the handle of the kayak with both hands, sit upright, put both elbows on the kayak, and lean forward slightly.

      2. Visitors stretch their feet to the free position in the middle of the kayak, and place them in a straight cross. The knees of the visitors sitting opposite each other shall not be raised or bent (can be kept slightly bent) to avoid injury when sliding.