2018 development trend of water park equipment industry

2018 development trend of water park equipment industry

Water park equipment industry is the rapid development of science and technology development and changes in consumer demand, consumer groups will make the water park industry changes, the 2018 line waterparkindustry will face new opportunities and challenges. How will the water park change? The author’s views in this article are as follows:

1. Polarization.

     Polarization means that the positioning of the water park will develop between maximization and minimization. Some water parks will be developed into resort areas with water parks and land parks. Verydahua has the advantage of mature industrial chain hotels, catering, entertainment and retail. Tourists generally take the itinerary of an n-day holiday trip. Another part of the water park is spotted weeksedges about one hour drive from the market, more accurate, more distinctive characteristics, the depth of excavation and cultural tourism, to be more targeted to meet the entertainment needs of the fragmentation of the surrounding residents.

2. Intelligentization

     Is to focus on the seamless connection between online and offline. One should pay attention to build a more efficient and convenient booking channels; on the other hand, is to pay more attention under the online and offlineinteraction between. The real-time sharing of the park situation, the online visual simulation tour in the park, and the online display of park products can all provide reference for tourists’ choices. In addition, the development of intellectualenergy terminals, such as smart wristband, free of charge to visitors to wear, all the needs of tourists can operate on it, such as stored value, a predetermined catering, reservation, park guide, play item
query queue status and other projects . Finally, payment methods will also be smarter. Cash, credit card, Alipay, Tenpay, and future sci-fimoviessuch as face swiping, fingerprint swiping, and iris swipingmay all become reality. In the future, the water park will take tourist satisfaction as the highest evaluation standard.

3. Digitization

     Is to use data to speak for itself. The most direct way is to obtain a large amount of data through various channels is to in-depth analysis of customer needs, so as to specify more targeteddemand marketing strategy. Companies should use long-term data accumulation to predict the sales of catering in the park according to weather conditions and reservations, and allocate staff rationally. And then deep into the industry as a whole in accordance with large data analysis, as well as national level big data analysis to determine changes in consumer groups, the younger generation to understand the 00 head of ideas, meet consumer group of single, low birth rate, of middle age New challenges brought by.

4. Customization

     Customization is the transformation of business models. Transforming the Internet may seem simple, but it is more difficult to do. The most important is to change the concept, thinking there must be a user, rather than the customer thinking dimension. Users generally have four characteristics: First, you will not necessarily consumed in this; Second, always use your service or product; third is to establish a connection with you directly; Fourth regularly and you ditch through the exchange, the customers into users , To drive other industries with water parks and discover potential commercial value.

Water park equipment as the main water park, water park equipment design and layout, the water park is successful operations to protect the hardware, the major water park equipment manufacturers are not off the development of new products or upgrading existing products. Case: Big Horn slide escalated into a tornado slide, rainbow slides and other slides evolved into the octopus, swimming equipment is quick updates change generations.

All in all, in 2018, water park equipment manufacturers should do at least the following things:

1. Water park planning and design should be detailed, and based on customer favorite data, to meet customer needs to the greatest extent;
2. Water park equipment product design should be innovative , The original mainstream products need to increase the amusement function, and the visual aspect must be upgraded;
3. The water park equipment quality requirements are more “rigorous”, and the construction and installation management requirements are more complete;
4. Diversified, other supporting facilities need to be negotiated and planned with the owner , After-sales service should be more perfect;
5. Pay attention to changes in policies and cooperate with the owners to do a good job in operation.