Work focus of water park equipment installation stage

Work focus of water park equipment installation stage

In China, two or three months before the new water park every summer is the basis of the ongoing construction and equipment installation phase, on-site construction in full swing, active in the water, how to build the park on the lanchao water park line is to guide the project to promote efficient it? Combined with practical experience of many water park, Guangzhou lanchao Water Park Equipment Co., gives the following summary:

1. From the actual operation and management needs, and supply units, design units, construction units deployed linkage between professional docking, mainly to see the basic design fit together management, compliance with construction drawing design and project specific practical, construction review and so on.

2. Interpretation of production technology, such as the embedded parts of the equipment base platform, pipes, positioning, elevation, what materials to use, etc. At the same time, the management and guidance of underground integrated pipeline laying will be carried out to ensure that the direction of foundation construction is carried out correctly.

3. Cooperate with the supervision unit to do a good job in the management and control of each step of the process to ensure the steady progress of each process.

4. Standardized and standardized operation guidance, supervision of equipment installation work and details in compliance with industry standards and national regulations, guide operators to implement safe construction and equipment installation safety management, and reduce the risk of accidents.

5. Check whether the purchased water park equipment and materials conform to the model, specification, quantity, and quality of the design documents, and whether the relevant documents of the equipment are released for future reference, and check the main parts, links and concealed projects in the equipment installation process construction inspection visas for key parts of the process into the line next to the whole process of station management, quality control engineering.

6. Due to the weather and other internal and external factors that will have varying degrees of impact on the project construction, in order to make the project open as planned, the importance of schedule management need not be said . Of course, the circumstances of each water park vary, lanchao water park operational management team will combine the characteristics of each of a water park with different management schemes, the spirit of the living to deal with.

7. The water park has a wide range of preparatory projects, and it is inevitable that there will be problems of this kind, which will make the owners concerned. In this regard, the lanchao water park  operation management team will give full play to its professional and technical advantages to assist the industry in implementing relevant control measures.

As more and more water parks are emerging, how to ensure that the project preparation process detours wrong way and in the right direction, healthy, steadily, smoothly off the ground operators, many think that the current stage of the season against splashing summer water park The main contradiction facing investors.