Why do children’s water amusement facilities get everyone’s attention?

Why do children's water amusement facilities get everyone's attention?

In order to allow children to participate in the future life smoothly and enhance social adaptability, as a children’s amusement facility that occupies most of the time in children ‘s water amusement facilities, it is necessary to cultivate and develop interpersonal intelligence tasks in children’s development as a major goal direction of its design and development. , The application of interpersonal intelligence in outdoor children’s water amusement facilities is a meaningful exploration and will play a positive role in the design of future amusement facilities.

With the development of modern children’s education, parents pay more and more attention to the physical and mental health of their children. Outdoor children’s amusement facilities occupy a large proportion of children’s entertainment activities and receive more and more attention. At home and abroad, many excellent brands have emerged in outdoor children’s water amusement facilities. As the main design goal, it is relatively rare to cultivate children’s interpersonal skills. Through investigation and analysis, it is found that some children’s water amusement facilities are mainly for cultivating children’s mathematical and logical reasoning ability and satisfying children’s strong physical fitness.

At present, there are not many programs for children’s water amusement facilities to develop children’s interpersonal intelligence games. The necessity and feasibility of the application of interpersonal intelligence in children’s amusement facilities are analyzed, and the main direction for the development of children’s water amusement facilities is proposed. On the basis of understanding the connotation of interpersonal intelligence, understand the training content and children’s interpersonal intelligence according to development rules, and explore the application of interpersonal intelligence in the design of children’s entertainment facilities.

Children’s water amusement facilities mainly include: octopus slide, snake slide, elephant slide, apple house, trumpet slide, water spray seesaw, water spray crocodile, water spray jellyfish, water spray three water column, water spray chef, water spray Flower vines, pirate ships, etc.