Guangzhou lanchao water park on the 2017 National Day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday notice

As the mid-autumn festival this year falls during the national day, a holiday based on the provisions of the state council, guangzhou lanchao Water Park Equipment co., vacation time is: Office: 10 1st – October 8, a total of eight days. Go to work on october 9th.


Attention to all new and old customers and suppliers: During the holiday, the time of raw material arrival and production and delivery will be pushed forward to after the holiday. During the holidays, if you have any customer inquiries, you can call the general manager of Lanchao: 13760781110 (Mr. Zeng).

Pay attention to safety during the holidays, and the factory security guards pay attention to security work. Fire and electricity protection. I wish you all a happy National Day! Happy mid-Autumn festival!