What are the important influences of storytelling on water park design

After rapid development in recent years, China’s water park projects have gradually matured. Theme water parks and chain water parks with brand influence have led the market. Some small water parks with relatively ordinary designs are mostly eliminated by the market. 

It can be seen that, In the future water park market, how to design and plan is particularly important. Of course, the brand’s influence is quite huge, but if you can not make chain brand, capable of having its own mind and character, it is also very favorable competitive conditions. So what are the important influences of the story on the design of the water park ?

1. The design should follow the human-oriented principle. Investors should fully consider the children’s sensory experience, pay attention to the emotional input of the design, enhance the emotional factors of fun, challenge and aesthetic appeal, and leave room for imagination for children to generate interaction and resonance.

2. Storytelling and listening to stories are basic human abilities, and for children, they are more attractive. Through the introduction of stories, an environment can be created to promote and publicize products, making the product context more dramatic, thereby enhancing the experience process, which is to highlight the environment through stories.

3. It is the nature of children to like the sound made by hitting objects. By trying to hear the sound, children can be brought into a more specific situation to experience the game, thereby enhancing the attraction to the game, forming a good interactive experience, and integrating multi-element synesthetic stimulation.

The biggest similarity between water parks and amusement parks is that they jointly create a fairy tale amusement world for amusement. They create a world that does not exist in the real natural world through models, equipment and technical means. Therefore, the sense of substitution is very important and the story is important. It is reflected in the ability to attract people. Since it is another world that does not exist in reality, it is of course better to be novel. The sameness naturally loses interest, so the importance of originality is also included. Any industry seeks its own characteristics and continuous innovation, understands the market demand, and satisfies the consumer experience, in order to stay in the same industry for a long time.

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