The planning and design of the water park in the heart is in line with the sentiments of the people

The most important thing in the planning and design of a water park is to be mindful. Why do you say that? Because this kind of water park is most in line with the people’s sentiments, and at the same time the most popular. In the hot summer, what do people want to see most when they visit the water park? What is the water amusement facility you want to play most? All of these need to be investigated and investigated. The first step is to understand people’s needs and desires. Then we can boldly build a water park that meets people’s imagination from this aspect, and also build a water park based on actual conditions.

The planning and water park design should not be repeated, and the theme should be different. If all water parks in a city are the same and have no special features, then casually playing in the local area will not come again. There will be a phenomenon of coming here intriguingly. To give the water park the soul and mind, it is necessary to highlight the theme and key points, and combine the local characteristics so that people can think of it when they mention the water park.

Consumers pay most attention to personal experience and personal experience. Therefore, in the choice of water park equipment, they must be more careful, make full use of water resources, and expand the scope of entertainment and entertainment. The coordination of the environment is also extremely important. The ingenious combination of the ecological environment and the humanistic environment, with buildings and plants set off, injects more elements, so that visitors can feel the extraordinary artistic atmosphere.

After the water park equipment is appraised by the design documents, type experiment and inspection and acceptance, it is used correctly in accordance with the operating instructions. The probability of accidents is minimal. Due to the lack of attention to details during the construction process, it is the biggest cause of frequent injuries to water park visitors. Inadequate anti-skid measures, slips and falls are the most frequent accidents in water parks; secondly, scratches, bumps, edges, and gaps are all injuries to tourists. Hidden dangers. Therefore, during the construction of the water park, all places that tourists may come into contact with must be handled carefully to ensure the safety of tourists.

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