Water amusement equipment safety first

Water amusement equipment must put safety first. Some water amusement equipment belongs to special equipment and must undergo rigorous inspections. Not only must they be inspected at different levels, but also sub-items must be tested. Only after passing these inspections can they meet the qualified standards before they can be put into use. If investors are casual and sloppy at the beginning, they will not only cause failure, but also cause serious consequences. When planning water amusement equipment, safety should always be considered. The relevant regulations must meet national requirements and all links must be strictly monitored.

1. When playing a water slide, be sure to follow the instructions of the staff and play in an orderly manner, especially when there are crowds of people. If an adult is bringing a child to play, then you must take good care of your own children, and let them abide by a certain order and not rush.

2. When playing a water slide, you must slide down in an accurate posture. Some children are simple and romantic, and they will also make some risky movements. Do not slide their heads. This is quite dangerous. Therefore, it is advocated that parents must take good care of their children to prevent accidents.

3. In the process of taxiing, there should be no slapstick behavior. This will not only cause damage to yourself, but also may cause harm to others. Many accidents are caused by our personal negligence. If we do not want to Let yourself bear the loss, then you must have guidelines and do accurate work.