Water park equipment manufacturers: How long does it take to build a water park?

The water park is basically divided into two parts, one is the civil construction part, and the other is the manufacture and installation of water amusement facilities.

The civil construction part is generally completed by the investor inviting a local enterprise or construction team. It is mainly due to cost considerations. The speed of material transportation is relatively fast, and the resources are relatively easy to deploy. The civil construction cycle depends on the local weather conditions and construction. The progress of the unit is also very important, the scale of the project, and the difference between indoor and outdoor.

The manufacturing and installation of water amusement facilities are completed by qualified water park equipment manufacturers. First, a good water park equipment manufacturer must be selected to ensure the safe operation of product equipment. If the planning and design of the water park starts to be completed, it is probably It takes about 3-6 months. The influencing factors are mainly the quantity and size of the water park equipment and the arrangement of the order of the manufacturer, etc., and other non-human factors that can be changed.

Civil engineering companies and manufacturers of water rides can be carried out simultaneously, but after the civil improve, to install water rides, water rides if produced, while civil engineering has not been completed, it would have to wait to get only the civil lines.

In short, the construction cycle of medium and large water parks normally takes half a year to one year. Therefore, it is best for a water amusement facility manufacturer looking for cooperation to have both: large amusement facility manufacturing and large amusement facility installation and maintenance permits . In this way, it not only saves time, but also does not have to worry about the quality of water amusement facilities. After all, they are guaranteed water amusement equipment.

If the water park is going to open in may 2018, civil works can be started from may to september this year, and suitable water amusement equipment manufacturers can be found for cooperation. The establishment of guangzhou lanchao is based on providing the best quality and The desire to serve and to produce the best quality products in the industry has always been our goal. At the same time, we have reduced the cost of product production through a mature management mechanism, and provided high-quality water amusement products at affordable prices, achieving high cost performance.

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