The world’s highest and fastest water slide, almost 90 degrees vertical, up to 100 kilometers per hour

In the “Schlitterbahn Park” water park in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, a water slide with the highest and fastest speed in the world was built, named “Verrückt”, which means “crazy” in German.

Visitors have to climb 264 stairs first, sit in a 4-seater inflatable boat, and then slide vertically from the top to the swimming pool at a speed of about 100 kilometers per hour. The frightening index breaks the table. There will be a 5-story slope at the end of the slide, and it will reach the end after turning over the slope. The “Verrückt” slide is almost at an angle of 90 degrees to the ground, about 42 meters above the ground, almost 17 stories high. It breaks the world record of 134.5 feet (approximately 41 meters) of the Brazilian “Insano” water slide.

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