The 5 most popular theme water parks in 2017

The 5 most popular theme water parks in 2017

       Less than half a month is left when the school starts, and this summer vacation is about to end. Hot summer bring people into the water to catch, water parks across the country everywhere, especially in the summer but who overcrowding. It is understood that the recent continuous high temperature in various areas has rapidly increased the number of tourists entering the park in major cooling and summer scenic spots. Based on the order data of summer water park equipment products, the domestic website recently listed the five most popular domestic theme water parks on the platform.

  Leroy city · 88 ℃ cspa park is located in shaanxi province jinghe river new town west ham district leroy city and international joy resort (xi’an), the spa is a large water theme park in asia, west china’s first coaster car theme park leroy city·Lehua happy world. The park is equipped with an asian super-large artificial wave pool with a wave height of 3.5 meters, the world’s highest human slide project hurricane Tower, and a super horn slide that won the 2006 “Golden ticket award-best new project” in the international tourism industry. More than 20 water amusement projects, such as the combination with tornadoes, combine thrills and family fun in one, plus the wonderful ” Super ten countries” performance. It has become a new landmark for tourists in the northwest region after opening one year. Since the park is divided into indoor and outdoor venues, and the hot spring water mined on-site is used, it is warm in winter and cool in summer . Therefore, the 88℃ hot spring park can operate 365 days without the influence of the season.
  Popular projects: a super large vacuum artificial wave pool with a total area of 10,000 square meters, a super long artificial rafting river with a total length of 1,500 meters, the world’s highest human slide project with 3 slides, the Hurricane Tower, a parent-child play area, Rainbow Paradise, and a five-stroke water ride Get in the car and wait.
      Ticket price: adult full-day ticket is 168 yuan/person in off-season, 198 yuan/person in peak season; children’s full-day ticket is 58 yuan/person in off-season, 88 yuan/person in peak season; night-time ticket is 120 yuan/person, and the ticket is a whole-park pass system

      Star: ★★★★★

       Shanghai maya beach water park is located in sheshan national tourism resort in the southwest of shanghai happy valley theme park. It is a large water park in east china. Paradise focus “thrills” and “the family travel eclectic music” element, a fusion of ancient Mayan culture and modern water recreation experience, oct group, following the shanghai happy valley, in eastern china launched another large-scale theme park.
  Popular items: Speed anaconda, super horn, hornet, giant beast bowl, and hurricane eye.
  Tickets: Full-day tickets for adults 210 yuan/piece, night tickets 170 yuan/piece, children senior tickets 140 yuan/piece
  Star: ★ ★★★★

       Zhuhai chimelong ocean kingdom integrate rare marine animals, play equipment and large-scale performing arts, is a marine animal-themed leisure parks, the first large-scale water rides and animal exhibition with precious knot combination of unique design, the first to have asia’s first water roller coaster . Chimelong ocean kingdom feeding marine museum has different species of exotic fish up to 15 000, the entire zhuhai long International ocean degrees epitome of false strength of a region of the world’s leading vivid.
  Popular items: Whale shark aquarium, dolphin bay, rainforest flying, polar adventure.
  Ticket price: Adult full ticket 350 yuan/person, 380 yuan/person on specific days; discounted tickets for children, elderly and disabled 245 yuan/person, 265 yuan/person on specific days
  Star: ★★★★★

      All water amusement facilities in guangzhou changlong water park are designed and provided by a world-class water park equipment company, including the “Big horn” slide that won the 2006 “Golden ticket award” and “Best new project” in the international tourism industry . Long long water park also has a total length of over 1280 meters of river rafting, a total area of 10,000 square meters, up form 1.2 meter high tide wave pool, and a special variety of children’s slide and other children’s wading pool designed for children and other the recreational project, since its opening in 2007, has become the world’s most visited water park.
  Popular items: Giant python, juhong gorge, super horn, drifting river
  Tickets: full ticket for adults: 280 yuan per person in July and August, 200 yuan per person from september to closing; 195 yuan for children in July and august /person, 140 yuan/person from September to closing of the park
  Star: ★★★★★

       Bali water world is located south of the center of the regao theme park resort in fushun, liaoning. It covers an area of about 200,000 square meters. It is now the largest theme water park in northeast china. Bali water world cleverly integrates the theme of bali with water experience and play projects, providing a dual experience of playing water inside and outside. The outdoor tsunami wave pool has become a star project because it can create a 3 meter high wave.
  Popular items: outdoor tsunami wave pool, competition slide, giant wave speed car
  Fare: 220 yuan / person for adults, 145 yuan / person for children
  Star: ★★★★