How to reduce the incidence of equipment accidents in children's water parks

With the rapid development of children’s water parks in recent years, many inevitable problems have gradually emerged, which have attracted the attention of the general public. In particular , the safety of water amusement equipment is the most important issue in this industry. Especially in the summer fast approaching, the peak passenger flow will bring the water park, security arise if the whole problem, the delay may be the entire income. 

So how should a water park operator avoid these safety problems?

1. Be cautious when choosing a manufacturer.

When choosing a water park equipment manufacturer, pay attention to the manufacturer’s product quality and strength, and grasp the safety of the water park equipment manufacturer. The manufacturer must strictly control the quality, materials and technology. Never cut corners and cut corners. After the production is completed, there will be many running experiments and tests. Do not sloppy during the inspection . After the installation is completed, perform a full-load test machine many times, and solve the problem on the spot if there is a problem.



2. Strictly grasp the equipment installation test.

Before the water park equipment is installed, the manufacturer will provide the basic construction drawings of the corresponding equipment. The construction should be strictly followed in the construction of the site. Professionals should guide the installation. If there are any problems in the operating venues, they should be eliminated in time before the holidays.


3. Water park equipment needs routine maintenance and repair at the water park equipment operations, maintenance and inspection time to do.

There is no unusual noise when they should immediately stop the operation of equipment, inspection equipment when it is operating what is the reason for failure, fault It can only be used normally after completely excluded. Like equipment bearings and crank arm need to add lubricating oil, you should always check whether it is necessary to add, screws will be loosened, to check the fixing of a day, if not quite understand how to maintain the kind sure to consult water park equipment manufacturers.


4. The staff’s own safety awareness needs to be in place

Most of the safety accidents are caused by the inattention of the players. Therefore, as a water park equipment operator, before each equipment operation, they should check whether the passengers are ready for safety, and promptly treat some tourists who do not pay attention to safety. Remind to avoid accidents.


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