Investing in a water park is bound to choose good water park equipment

Investing in a water park is bound to choose good water park equipment

Do you know when is the best time to build a water park? The editor received a call yesterday, and the other party asked: Is it the peak season for your water park industry? I answered yes, and then she asked why it is the peak season for you to build the water park equipment when the water park is going to be closed. 

The reason is simple, because the water park operators want to park opened in the summer of next year and June, then it six months in advance to buy a good water park equipment , to manufacturers produced a little time, the start of production in october the busiest water park equipment the time, investors will do the preliminary civil parties at the same time face to find some suitable manufacturers to visit. So many businesses and investors intend to invest in water park, inquire guangzhou lanchao water park on park equipment manufacturers, most want to build a profitable water park within a short period of time. However, we found that many investors do not understand the preliminary preparations for investing in water parks and the production cycle of water park equipment. 

The following lanchao will give you a brief analysis and hope it will be helpful to investors.

The first stage: 

Do a good job in the preliminary investigation. Investors are advised to visit some water parks that have been successfully operated, and then draw up the site area, customer groups and water park theme and other information . Our lanchao will follow the information and requirements provided , To customize a water park planning and design plan for you.

The second stage: 

the premise of the water park, the first to have the venue, site design needs based on existing water park, at the choice of venue time, we recommend investors to choose a good location, considering the week traffic conditions as well as near the edge of any similar The water park to avoid conflicts in later competition, so as to ensure a certain amount of passenger flow.

The third stage: 

With the venue, the guangzhou lanchao on the paradise equipment co., ltd. may be designed according to the water park drawings provided by the area, floor plan, the requirements of the site, so that business home glance.

The fourth stage: on the premise that the water park equipment manufacturer and the merchant determine the drawing design, the two parties discuss the price of the water park equipment, the method of contract, and reach a cooperative relationship.

The fifth stage: 

After signing the contract, our company began to deepen the design and conduct technical exchanges with the civil engineering staff of the investor. This process takes about one month.

The Sixth Stage:

According to investors to buy the water park equipment, the factory began to order production of water park equipment, our company takes time to about two months of production water park equipment, but construction set will have a lot of early work led to delays, For example, government approval, funds are not in place, etc.

The seventh stage: 

Install water park equipment, lanchao will provide you with first-class installation technology. In the installation stage, investors are advised to start some preparations for opening, such as opening promotional activities, printing of water park tickets and promotional books, promotion on the Internet, and recruitment of employees.

Investing in water parks is bound to choose good water park equipment, safety first, and win-win cooperation!