In the water park, how do operators stimulate tourists to spend?

The initial investment in the water park is huge, but a successful water park can bring huge profits to investors in the later stage. Of course, the profit is closely related to the consumption of tourists in the water park. There are so many tourists who come to the park to play, so how to plan and arrange the convenience of tourists’ consumption points at the beginning of the construction of the water park? On this issue, Guangzhou Lanchao water park equipment co., ltd. takes this into account during the design phase for the operators.

First of all, the prerequisite for tourists to consume in the park is a reasonable layout. When designing the layout, we focus on the planning and design of eating and drinking spots, shopping spots, storage spots, kayak rental spots, and so on. According to the regional culture of different water parks and the size of the park area, the corresponding layout planning is carried out. We also make full use of the more popular water amusement facilities (for example: loudspeaker slides, rainbow slides, water houses and cottages, etc…) for the layout of consumption points. While bringing joy to tourists, it also makes full use of the resources in the water park to make profits for the operators.

Since tourists exercise when playing in water amusement facilities, people often undergo metabolism during physical exercise, and will be hungry after a long time. We are not only planning and laying out some snack spots in the park, but also ensuring sufficient preparation for eating and drinking in the restaurant. We introduce the food that tourists like in the region based on the culture of the region. When foreign tourists come to play, they are very interested in the humanities and culture of the area. It is also essential to set up some leisure spots to sell local specialties or souvenirs.

When the tourists are tired of playing water rides, they will lack energy. Arranging some performances and interactive activities within the park at this time can be beneficial. We will set up some selling points at the event site, which would allow visitors to buy favourite items to interact with the show. We’ll see contemporary trends and preferences to consider groups of tourists to ask questions. Contemporary science and technology continue to progress, and the corresponding electronic products are also upgrading. Our mobile phones have become a necessity, and tourists certainly hope to use their mobile phones to take pictures of the wonderful moments of their play. Since water parks are different from other parks, water parks are filled with water. Now most mobile phones do not support waterproofing, and tourists want to take pictures of their wonderful moments. What should they do? With the mobile phone waterproof bag, there is no need to worry about water in the mobile phone. In some locations in the park, we plan to lay out the sales points for buying waterproof mobile phone bags. Basically, every tourist will buy waterproof mobile phone bags.

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