How to maintain the water park equipment?

How to maintain the water park equipment?

Water park equipment refers to all the equipment that can be used for water entertainment. It covers a wide range and has many products. Every year, the water park equipment factory has an endless stream of new products. Regularly organize the safety inspection and maintenance of the whole park by year, season, month, before holidays and peak seasons.

How to maintain and maintain large-scale water park equipment ?

As following, Lanchao Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd. will share with you:    

     1. Before opening every day, check the water slides and other large water park equipment to see if the water park slides have exposed sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs, and water leakage. Whether the water treatment equipment is operating normally to ensure the supply of lubricating water and water in the slide pool.
     2. Regularly check and tighten loose connections.
     3. For load-bearing components, the stress concentration should be checked regularly to see if there are cracks and bending deformations in the structure for timely replacement.
     4. Regularly check the quality of the surface of the amusement pool. If cracks, missing pieces, and falling off are found, repair them in time.
     5. Pools equipped with underwater lights should regularly check whether the insulation of underwater lights meets the requirements.
     6. The water slide should be covered with plastic cloth or coarse cloth during non-use period to prevent ultraviolet ray aging, fading, cracking, etc.; if there are cracks in the slide groove section, it should be repaired, and replaced if necessary. The slide interface is uneven and smooth, with inverted bosses or Deal with water leakage in time.
     7. The paint layer on the surface of the metal frame should be checked for peeling and discoloration during non-use. If there is peeling or peeling, the paint should be repainted to prevent corrosion of the metal surface and affect the appearance and strength.

    8. Regularly organize the safety inspection and maintenance of the whole park by year, season, month, before holidays and peak seasons. Including water slides, amusement pools, lighting systems, water treatment equipment, large water park equipment such as artificial wave equipment, vacuum wave equipment, wave pool equipment, so that the entire amusement system meets the requirements of the regulations.