What should I do after the water park equipment wears out?

What should I do after the water park equipment wears out?

The summer vacation is over, and now there should be half fewer friends going to the water park than in the summer vacation. After a period of use, water park equipment will experience varying degrees of wear and tear, and some may not be able to continue to be used, which poses great safety hazards. Although said to have reopened, but in september, october and many office workers or middle-aged couples and friends who plan to go to the water park to play a lot, so, water park equipment will properly handle the very ground where the loss, then What should I do after the water park equipment wears out?

1. In the early stage, the new water park equipment wears quickly when it is first used, and the rough appearance will be smoothed during the running-in period. At this time, the wear rate is not so fast. At this time, the running-in period ends. Time is also called the early running-in phase. Operators will use this period of slight wear to create conditions for stable operation of the normal wear and tear, without running on the device, it must be reasonable operation, plus low viscosity lubricating oil, as far as possible constant temperature.

2. The stable running-in period of water amusement equipment is also the normal operating time. After running-in, the conflicting surface is hardened and the wear is slow and stable. In the later period of this period, due to metal fatigue and wear, it will be relatively accelerated, but it can still continue to work. When the fatigue limit is reached, the operator must carry out regular and mandatory repairs to the equipment to prevent serious accidents due to excessive wear and tear of the equipment.

3. In the latter part of the outer layer of metal, water play equipment is fundamental to reach the fatigue limit, the onset of major changes to the conditions of conflict, the wear rate of the device increased dramatically reduce the mechanical efficiency, the occurrence of abnormal noise and vibration, plus capital changes of mechanical properties of materials In the end, the parts must fail to be repaired. If it is forced to operate normally or even under high load at this time, a major accident will inevitably occur.

So, what is the correct way to find that water amusement equipment is worn out?

1. Lubrication, lubricating the vulnerable parts of water amusement equipment can reduce the friction between parts and reduce wear;

2. If there is an error in the installation position of the water amusement equipment, wear will also occur . Therefore, in order to reduce wear, the accuracy of the installation must be improved, and regular inspections are required.

3. Dust can also easily cause wear and tear on water park equipment, and some even cause rust. Therefore, it is also very important to keep the water amusement equipment clean.