How does the new water park equipment get the return rate of tourists

How does the new water park equipment get the return rate of tourists

Huge investment interests have made the development and construction of water parks still in full swing, and second- and third-tier cities have gradually become new investment hotspots. Water park equipment is constantly innovating due to market development and changes in demand, and there are more and more large-scale and exciting water park equipment . In the face of such fierce market competition, major water parks should pay more attention to the selection and replacement of water park equipment in order to maintain tourist attraction and competitiveness.

1. Global water parks are still in the stage of accelerated development. At present, water parks are mainly newly built, and the number of newly built water parks far exceeds other types of theme parks. According to the equipment life cycle and market development law, the renovation and upgrading cycle of water parks is average 10 – 15 years, the domestic real large-scale water park construction began in 2007 built the older long water park, which projected 2017 visualized as a node in the development of domestic water park. At this stage, the old park will gradually begin to be transformed and upgraded. If the theme of the water park is packaged, or the second and third phases of construction are carried out to expand the scale of the water park, in this process, the update of the water park equipment is always the core of the upgrade. .

2. The upgrade of consumption methods and experience requirements makes a single body sliding no longer meet the needs of tourists. At this stage, tourists tend to prefer the thrills, new music trend of the water park equipment, which generally have a strange sport, and is not limited to the body gliding, kayaking and so more is to play as a carrier; The height is higher, such as the 28-meter high-speed slide; more styles , and different types of slide combinations bring a richer and more exciting experience for tourists; more passengers, from the original single person to two, four, or six And so on, it is more suitable for family or three or five friends to play together The storm valley slide, and the slides are four families drifting three loudspeakers combination, from the traditional form of runner body in the play mode, as a carrier using the four passengers raft slide into channels, the entire process The amusement is like being in the center of a storm, and the experience is more exciting and fresh.


3. Domestic water parks of different sizes are similar in equipment selection and configuration. Generally speaking, most of the large-scale water parks are comprehensive and equipped with almost all types of water park equipment. This is related to the entire coverage of all ages in their customer sources, such as large-scale water parks that are designed to stimulate youth groups. Slides: Giant loop slides, high-speed slides, python slides, etc., equipped with gentle water amusement equipment for children: octopus slides, frog slides, water play sketches, etc., for family tourists or three or five friends, etc. River lazy river and so on. The same is true for small and medium-sized configurations , but limited by scale, equipment selection and equipment will be more cautious. Try to choose new equipment that fully represents the needs of the market and tourists and can form a difference with the surrounding park.


4. Water parks are similar to theme parks. In order to remain hot and continue to appreciate, they need to be updated or introduced new amusement facilities regularly. Due to changes in the form of the old park, the natural obsolescence of products, and changes in the form of tourist experience , water park equipment update has become an inevitable situation. From a marketing point of view, the introduction of new equipment is conducive to marketing innovation, comply with tourists pursuit of novelty psychological, with the theme camp to form a new marketing focus marketing activities to effectively maintain the freshness and vitality of the water park, which is the water park competitiveness It is also an important source of tourists and a strong guarantee for the high revisit rate of tourists.