How can water amusement facilities drive the economic development of cities

How can water amusement facilities drive the economic development of cities

With the improvement of living standards, more and more families are no longer unfamiliar with children’s water parks. Now there are many indoor water parks for children in many shopping malls and children’s playgrounds for parents to take their children to play. These products for people’s entertainment and leisure are gradually becoming familiar to everyone. So how can water amusement facilities reflect their own value? How can water amusement facilities drive the economic development of the city?

1. From the market demand analysis. The customer calls for consultation. The salesperson of our guangzhou lanchao water park equipment co., ltd. will base on the current situation of the customer’s city, such as the operation status of the same project in other local water parks, the scale of the site with many projects, and the local The population, per capita consumption level, and local cultural characteristics will be analyzed in detail to recommend the most competitive water amusement facilities for customers, and at the same time formulate a complete market analysis plan for customers.

2. Project planning scheme design. Guangzhou lanchao water park equipment co., ltd. will provide customers with reasonable project planning according to customer needs and the size of the site. It can introduce swimming pools or hot spring facilities with constant temperature in all seasons, and can also develop hotels, catering and other projects, which can also provide customers Increase a considerable income.

3. Site planning guidance. Based on the market analysis done in the early stage, the professionals will personally go to the customer site to help the customer choose a more profitable location, which will help the later profitability, and carry out reasonable planning and professional guidance according to the characteristics of the site, such as the choice of water amusement The equipment should be installed in the appropriate location of the water park. These need to go to the site to communicate effectively and conveniently.

4. Choice of profit model. Should assist customers to expand a variety of profit points, you can use on-site cooperation with TV stations to organize some activities, etc., which can enhance the overall competitiveness of the project. Discounts or preferential activities can be launched during holidays to attract tourists to play in the water park.