Lanchao​ interactive water village: water park equipment suitable for the whole family to play together

Lanchao​ interactive water village: water park equipment suitable for the whole family to play together

Lanchao water park equipment can accommodate multiple people to play at the same time. It integrates a variety of comprehensive equipment and is deeply loved by friends. While enjoying the joy of other water projects, you can spend good time with your parents and children. It is very suitable Play with the whole family.

Lanchao Water park equipment – water play safe house kiosk Notes

1. The parallel race slide; open spiral chute; straight slide chute
      slide way: the body straight slide
      suitable for tourists range: height above 1.2m; weighing less than 85KG

2. Children’s spiral slide A; Children’s spiral slide B; Double-row toddler slides Slide
      method: human body direct slide

 Applicable to tourists: children above 1.0m tall and weighing less than 35KG
      1) Children less than 1 meter tall are not allowed to enter this interactive water Inside the house, including the interactive water house pool; part of the equipment is only suitable for tourists over 1.2 meters in height.
      2) Before entering the water house, tourists should be prepared to remove hard objects (such as keys, watches, jewelry, etc.) they bring.
      3) Anyone who suffers from diseases (such as heart disease, high blood pressure, back and neck joint diseases, etc.), physical discomfort, mental retardation, and pregnant women are prohibited from entering this interactive water house.
      4) Without the permission of the guardian, visitors are not allowed to enter the slide. Children must be accompanied by guardians to play.
      5) Tourists are prohibited from climbing guardrails, deliberately damaging equipment, chasing each other in the water house, playing around and other dangerous behaviors. Tourists are strictly forbidden to climb the slide in reverse.
      6) Visitors can enter the slide only when they receive instructions and assistance from the guardian. The guardian is not allowed to slide in advance before giving instructions.
      7) Tourists must maintain a safe posture while sliding, and must not make any dangerous actions.
      8) After taxiing, you should follow the instructions of the staff, leave the slide in the designated direction, and do not stay in the slide.

Slide posture description 

1. UFO slide, sprint slide, open spiral slide, small spiral slide, double-row toddler slide, and three parallel competition slides. Correct sliding posture:slide posture description: face head guard or face guard Keep your chest and feet straight and close together. It is strictly forbidden to use sitting or head-down sliding.

2. The child’s small horn slide slides the correct sliding posture.

Gliding posture description: the tourists sit on the left and right sides of the double round raft in a staggered manner, hold the handle of the kayak with both hands, place the elbows on the kayak, and leaning back slightly, with the feet stretched out and placed on the kayak naturally.