Dangerous performance of water park equipment

The hot summer is approaching, and the water parks are ready to open. When going to a water park to play, safety must be the first priority. So what are the main manifestations of the dangers of water park equipment?

1. drowning off the water park equipment can not do without water, amusement park ponds, waterways, river protection may be due to improper or careless personnel likely to occur off the tourist drowning accident. When tourists are playing water slides and other water amusement projects, they often fall into the water, which may cause drowning accidents due to reasons such as failure of rescuers to protect them in time.

2. Falling from heights and throwing out Modern large-scale aquatic entertainment facilities have the characteristics of high-speed operation, high-altitude operation, and water operation. During the operation, visitors may fall from high altitude or high-speed due to mechanical failures, failure of safety facilities, etc. Throw it out, causing casualties of tourists.

3. Collapse and tipping accidents The causes of collapse and tipping accidents are more complicated. Defects in architectural design, unqualified construction quality, loss of control during operation, natural disasters, such as earthquakes, typhoons, or destructive factors, may trigger amusement facilities And the collapse and tipping of buildings. Due to the sudden nature of collapse and tipping accidents, personnel were fatally injured and property suffered serious losses.

4. When crowded and trampled in the peak of passenger flow, people are densely populated and highly mobile. When sudden accidents, natural disasters, terrorist attacks or other potential hazards are imminent, a state of panic and chaos may occur. In this disorder In the state, there are often accidents such as crowding, collision, trampling, and falling. Once a crowded trampling accident occurs, it will affect a large number of people in a very short time. The scene is difficult to control, causing many casualties.

5. During the operation of the collision amusement device, due to the fast running speed, it may be caused by operating errors, failure of speed-limiting equipment, failure of safety protection devices, etc., causing the amusement devices to collide with each other during operation and cause casualties.

6. Mechanical damage When the rotating parts, rolling parts and their connections of amusement facilities are in operation, due to the imperfect protection of the equipment itself or the mistakes of tourists, when these parts are in direct contact with the human body, it is easy to cause pinching, shearing, entrapment, and twisting. , Cutting, stabbing and other mechanical injury accidents.

7. Injury to amusement facilities. The enclosure of the equipment is accidentally charged due to damage to the electrical circuit insulation. If the leakage protection, grounding (zero connection) and other protection devices fail, it may cause electric shock accidents such as tourists and operators.

8. Other damage to water used in water park equipment requires regular disinfection and dechlorination. Generally, water parks will be equipped with water purification devices. The odorous chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, polyaluminum chloride, hydrochloric acid and other drugs used in the water purification process are all toxic. Leakage or improper use of these drugs may cause tourist poisoning accidents.         In addition, most of the water amusement projects are carried out in the water, and the possibility of fire is extremely small. However, the current amusement parks are all integrated with entertainment, catering and accommodation. In the catering and lodging areas, fires should also be the key to prevent accidents.

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