Conditions that affect the filtering of water park equipment

Conditions that affect the filtering of water park equipment

1. Temperature

When filtering, the temperature of the suspension is low, the viscosity is large, and the filtering speed is slow. The viscosity of the liquid is an exponential function of temperature, and it decreases significantly with the increase of temperature. Heating is the simplest and most effective measure to reduce the viscosity, but if the temperature is too high, it is easy to oxidise the oil, and the filtration temperature of crude oil is generally not more than 70 degrees.

2. Operating pressure

The impurities in crude oil are mostly incompressible impurities, the operating pressure is strong, and the filtration rate is also large. If the solid matter suspended in the oil is composed of colloidal material, then as the pressure of the water park equipment filtering increases, the voids in the filter cake become smaller, the filtration resistance gradually increases, and the filtration speed drops rapidly. Therefore, the pressure must be determined according to different conditions.

3. The concentration of the suspension

If the concentration is large, the filter residue is also large, making the effective filtration time in each operation cycle of the intermittent production of the park equipment correspondingly shortened, which affects the output. For the operation of the continuous vacuum filter, the filter cake generated when the concentration is large is more uniform, and it is easy to clean in time, which has little effect on the output.

4. The filter medium and drainage aids

Selected filter media affect the level of clear oil after filtration, and the cake discharge is smooth. Using a filter medium for the oil industry, woven multi-media, 5-8 yarn 20 shares common canvas, cotton fabrics such as twill and ordinary white muslin. 130#, 240#, 260#, 261# polyester filter cloth and 828# nylon filter cloth are also commonly used. Those with more warp and weft strands are used for crude oil filtration, and the number of strands is small. It is used for essential oil filtration. For some highly demanding filtration, it is necessary to cover a layer of white fine cloth or flannel outside the coarse filter cloth. In addition, a stainless steel wire woven filter screen is often used, and a 30-40 hole/cm filter screen is used for wool oil filtration, while a 140-180 holes/cm filter screen is used for decolourising oil filtration.

For suspensions containing more colloidal particles, the addition of filter aids can effectively increase the filtration speed. Especially for some water park equipment, due to process limitations, suspension systems that increase temperature filtration cannot be used, and the application of filter aids is of great significance. To prepare edible phospholipids from leaching oil, diatomaceous earth must be added as a filter aid; in dewaxing and fractionation, it must be filtered at a lower temperature, and the role of filter aid is more obvious.

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