How to choose filter media and filter aids for wave making equipment in water parks

How to choose filter media and filter aids for wave-making equipment in water parks ? Today, Guangzhou Lanchao provides detailed answers to this doubt raised by everyone. First of all, we all know that filtration is one of the important steps of purification, and the choice of filter media will directly affect the clarification of the filtered fat and the smoothness of the cake unloading. Therefore, pay special attention when choosing filter media and filter aids. , Then let’s take a look together below.

In fact, most of the filter media used in the oil industry are woven media. Commonly used 20 yarn 5-8 strands of canvas, twill and ordinary white muslin and other cotton fabrics. Chemical fiber products such as 130#, 240#, 260#, 261# polyester filter cloth and 828# nylon filter cloth are also commonly used. Those with more warp and weft strands are used for crude oil filtration, and those with fewer strands are used for essential oil filtration. For some high-demand filtration, you need to cover the coarse filter cloth with a layer of white muslin or flannel. In addition, stainless steel wire woven filter screens are often used, 30-40 holes/cm filter screens are used for crude oil filtration, and 140-180 holes/cm filter screens are used for decolorizing oil filtration.

For suspensions containing more colloidal particles, adding filter aids can effectively increase the filtration rate. Especially for some water park equipment due to technological limitations, the suspension system with increased temperature filtration cannot be used, and the application of filter aids is of great significance. If you want to use the leaching oil to make edible phospholipids, you must add diatomaceous earth as a filter aid; in the dewaxing, fractionation must be filtered at a lower temperature, the role of the filter aid is more obvious.