How to regulate and manage water park equipment

We must take safety measures when playing water park equipment. No matter what the game is, safety must be the first priority. So, the water park equipment manufacturer will explain to you the safety issues today. When summer comes, the water park is undoubtedly one of the most popular water park equipment.

How can you live up to the fun of playing in the water in the middle of summer? 

Because playing in the water is the best way to relieve heat. Especially for friends who love to play in water, the water park has a variety of fun water amusement equipment, allowing you to enjoy thrilling water activities. However, the prerequisite for playing is to ensure your own safety.


The following describes how to regulate and manage water park equipment ?

Training is an important content of safe work. Through training, employees can understand and master the content of operating specifications, so that they can better apply them to their work. Through training, employees can be familiar with the basic construction procedures and basic procedures of new technology and new equipment. Points of operation. For some newly transferred employees and employees who have been off for a long time, practical training should also be carried out, so that they can be familiar with the safety knowledge and operation precautions of the position before they formally start. When the safety inspection is arranged, a corresponding inspection plan is developed. Especially in the construction activity site, the safety inspection of the construction site is carried out without prior notice. This is more practical, easier to find problems, and will solve and deal with safety problems more effectively.

A certain Shenyang water park had a safety accident in which a tourist was compensated 250,000 yuan for a lumbar injury in the water park. In fact, the reason was that the lady slipped down from a height on a rubber boat. The rubber boat was not inflated, causing the lady to suffer a serious injury. The heavy setback of the big momentum caused a waist injury. The insurance company believes that the lady’s injury was caused by insufficient inflation of the rubber boat. The water park can foresee the consequences of injury to the passengers due to insufficient inflation of the rubber boat, but failure to prevent it is a gross negligence. According to relevant insurance regulations, the insurance company will not allow Compensatory. The court held that the lady was injured while playing in the water park, and that the water park, as a provider of amusement items, failed to fulfill its obligations of protection, causing the lady to suffer personal damage and should be liable for compensation. Since the water park is insured by the insurance company, the reasonable loss of the lady should be compensated by the insurance company within the insurance limit. In the end, the lady received a total of more than 250,000 yuan in medical expenses, disability compensation, and lost work expenses.

It can be seen how important safety is when playing with water park equipment! A small mistake can bring great losses to itself and the water park. Therefore, when managing and regulating water park equipment, every level must be strictly controlled to avoid unnecessary losses and injuries.

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