When is the best time to build the water park?

When is the best time to build the water park?

In recent years, as the water park industry has brought huge benefits to many investors, there has been a boom in investment! In third-tier cities, private bosses are becoming more and more enthusiastic about this popular industry with quick returns and high profits. Everyone wants to build a water park to make a fortune, and they are eager to try! There are also many investors who have listened to friends advocating that this line of business has low thresholds and quick returns, and they make blind investments on a temporary whim without knowing and preparing for the water park industry!

Since water parks are an industry that is greatly affected by the seasons, they have strong seasonal characteristics. If the outdoor water park misses the golden time of summer, it means that your capital return will be extended by another year. Of course, if it is in an indoor constant temperature water park, it is a different matter. It is open all year round! In order not to miss the peak period of business, as an investor, you must understand the investment steps of water park equipment in advance.

The general process of water park construction is:
1. Apply for land application procedures;
2. Contact appropriate water park equipment manufacturers to plan the site;
3. Confirm the feasibility of the water park planning plan;
4. Confirm the water park equipment list according to the plan contract;
5. Water park equipment manufacturers produce in accordance with the requirements;
6. The water park equipment is produced at the same time as the pre-embedding and excavation work;
7. The water park equipment is ordered and installed in batches;
8. The installation is completed and commissioned.


The above steps are all time-consuming. Take investment in an outdoor water park as an example. First of all, land application procedures are a particularly important link, and there is no way to talk about the following links without land procedures! In the case of obtaining the procedures, it is generally better for investors to confirm the water park design plan and sign the equipment contract before october to february of the following year! What are the benefits of doing this? Because most of the water park equipment products are customized products, and the cost is expensive and inconvenient inventory has caused a large amount of capital accumulation, such as water slides, large and medium-sized water villages, and vacuum wave-making equipment are basically out of stock! At the same time as the equipment is produced, the water park equipment manufacturer can enter the site in advance to arrange the pre-buried pipes and the preliminary work of the civil excavation of the computer room to reduce the civil work in the coming year. After the first part of the equipment is produced in the year, you can go to the construction site first. Sending in batches will not cause a waste of time and nothing to do. All work is done step by step, and there is plenty of time to debug. Try to spare about 10 days to train employees to pass the run-in period. In this way, it won’t cause a messy situation after opening!

Why do you do that? I just said that the water park equipment is basically customized products. If small projects are determined in February and march, it will be okay, and production and installation will basically be in time. For large projects, it is simply impossible to have a hasty launch! Every water park equipment manufacturer has an overwhelming number of orders in the industry peak season from february to may after the year! In the case of limited productivity, it is inevitable that there will be rush production without quality assurance, and the production equipment will have defects. In addition, the construction site also hastily started installation and hastily opened the business, resulting in poor project construction quality, high safety risks, and failure to keep up with the management and other consequences.

Guangzhou lanchao water park equipment manufacturers hope that every investor can grasp the time and do the right thing but catch the right time. After all, entering the park is risky and investment needs to be cautious!