What kind of water amusement facilities should be chosen for a hot spring resort?

What kind of water amusement facilities should I choose in the hot spring pool area of ​​the hot spring resort ? We occasionally receive calls to consult customers on this issue. Here I would like to talk about some personal opinions.

To clarify this problem, we must first know what water amusement equipment is available at home and abroad. At present, the largest, most comprehensive and largest domestic water amusement equipment should be Guangzhou’s “Chimelong Water Park”, followed by Shanghai’s “Tropical Storm” and Shenzhen’s “Happy Valley”. All three of these companies use foreign equipment. Canada The equipment of WHITEWATER and NBGS of the United States. The quality of the equipment of these two companies is indeed good, but the price is not cheap. In recent years, the quality of our domestic production equipment has also been greatly improved, safety and quality are also guaranteed, and the variety of domestic water amusement equipment Also complete.

We can choose more suitable water park equipment according to the size of the site. For example, if a water park is built on a floor, its pressure bearing capacity must be considered. Therefore, it is recommended to plan and design a small water park, with a small investment scale and low cost. Lower, can reduce some unnecessary expenses. If there are more family guests, you can recommend parent-child equipment. Adults and children can interact together. This can not only accompany the children to play together, but also allow the children to grow up during play. At the same time, we can build a water park according to the theme style.

Due to the different distances from the hot spring resort to our city, the equipment selection will also be different. Water amusement facilities are very popular in summer, and at this time it is the off-season of hot springs. Proper configuration can make up for the off-season of hot springs in summer. Regardless of what entertainment is playing, the most important thing is safety first. Signs must be placed in each area, and staff reminders must also be paid attention to.