What is large water amusement equipment

What is large water amusement equipment

Guangzhou Lanchao Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd. found that many customers often don’t know what large-scale water amusement equipment is during the consultation process . How to distinguish between large-scale water amusement equipment and small water amusement equipment?

The “Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations” clearly stipulate large-scale amusement facilities. Large-scale amusement facilities refer to facilities that are used for business purposes and carry passenger amusement. The scope stipulates that the design maximum operating linear speed is greater than or equal to 2m/s. Or large-scale amusement facilities for manned people with a running height of 2m or more.

Therefore, large-scale water amusement equipment is a large-scale water amusement facility as long as you are a facility that carries passengers for business purposes, and the platform height is higher than or equal to 2m or the maximum operating speed of the line is greater than or equal to 2m/s, and the platform height is less than 2m. , Water amusement facilities with a maximum line speed of less than 2m/s are small water amusement facilities.

The large-scale water amusement equipment produced by Blue Wave includes: the space basin slide with changing trajectories and favored by customers, the most popular behemoth bowl slide by young people, and the big horn slide that is sucked in by a tornado. The rainbow competition slide, the most popular and most classic water amusement facility spiral slide, suitable for two people who like thrills and brave challenges, and experience the unique moment of the barrel sledge slide that rushes into the sink, and the body is like a roller coaster. The large loop slide that slides at a high speed with a nearly vertical slide tube allows visitors to continuously experience the water dragon slide from weightlessness to overweight and then from overweight to weightlessness, the steepest and fastest high-speed combined slide, large-scale gyrating slide and wave pendulum Slide etc. There are also large water houses and water villages and medium water houses and water villages, which are also large-scale water amusement equipment.


Small water amusement equipment is relative to large water amusement equipment, such as a series of water park equipment such as family combination slides, small trumpet slides, family small cupolas and water slides.


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